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What a ride!!!!!

0 mom's headshotThis will be my last post. I just wanted to say thank you to all my "Blogging Buddies" You have been they key to my weight loss success.  It has been a hard journey but a journey I have enjoyed!  I love (well, I like alot better) the person I see in the mirror.  I have learned so much from this experience and I hope to continue on with it.  I wish you all the best in all you do in your lives and I hope we can keep in touch here and there.  Maybe they'll even do a "Where are they now" segment. hint hint....

Good luck to all and thanks a million!!!



-down 22#


Happy Valentines Day!

0 mom's headshot Thank god I didn't get Chocolate from my husband for valentines day (he knows better!).  I got a Red Sox Calendar!!!  I needed that more than the chocolate.  I am motivated today so I've walked on my tread mill for 20 min. and I have been buzzing around the house cleaning up from the weekend.  I am having no trouble staying on track so far today, because I ate all the food in the house yesterday!!!!  Well I am exaggerating alittle, but only alittle!!!!  I am still maintaining but not losing.  I am soooo looking forward to spring.  It seems so much easier to diet when the weather is Good! 



Maintaining but not losing

0 mom's headshot Well its the beginning of February,  I was supposed to have met my goal by now (in my own little mind), but I am fighting to keep the weight off that I already lost.  I keep putting on 3 taking off 3 its a vicious cycle.  I get up every morning with the best of intentions but some days it just doesn't work out, I have a good day then a bad day.  I need to get back the "I'm gonna do it" attitude and JUST DO IT!!!!!  and I'm going to!!!!



0 mom's headshot Why is it that as soon as the magazine hit the news stand and family and friends started saying "Wow, you look great" and "Keep up the good work" etc....its like THAT gave me the ok to eat everything in site! Whats up with that? Why do I think that way? and How do I stop?  It's Monday morning and I am doing ok so far today but its not even 10 o'clock yet.  I have no motivation to get on the treadmill, its below freezing outside so I don't want to go ANYWHERE.  Every morsel of food in my house is calling me to eat it!  MAKE IT STOP!!!!



Up And Down, Up and Down

0 mom's headshot Another crazy weekend has come and gone.  It started Friday Breakfast with my friend Julie, Lunch with my friend Laura, Pizza at work friday night, Lunch with friends on Saturday then a Birthday Party later in the afternoon, Sunday Big Combo Birthday party for my Father and Nephew....WHEN WILL IT END!!!!  Hopefully NOW!  I have no plans for a few weeks so I hope to get the pounds off that I gain this weekend, plus a few more.  On a good note.  Celeste and I went shopping Saturday and we both bought new Jeans I bought a size 10 (woo hoo) and Celeste (the skinny witch bought a size 6)!!!  She looks awesome and it gives me motivation to keep it up.  I'll never be a size six but I'd be happy happy (cloud 9 happy) being a size 8!!!! 

I attached a crazy family picture from sunday...dont ask about the hats thats the "CRAZY"part.100_3736



Happy New Year!

0 mom's headshot I rang in the New Year with Pulled pork sandwiches, chicken wings, potato skins and Strawberry shortcake!!!  Now, the monday after....Week one (again)!!!!  I got on the scale this am (BIG MISTAKE....HUGE) I was up SIX pounds....Yes, I said SIX pounds...YIKES!!!!  I am making a big pan of Skinny soup, and living off it for a couple days!!!!  I'm not going to get down on myself, I am just going to get back up on the horse and drop these pounds and continue on my journey to 149#!

How was everyone elses new year?  Any one gain more than SIX?

Oh by the way....Celeste WON our bet!  Congrats to her...we are going shopping on Jan 16th.  Good job and you look marvelous!!!!

I attached a picture of my Boys New Years Eve....they ate alot too!!! LOL!! 100_3678


Shoveling out!

0 mom's headshot We got 14 inches of snow yesterday and last night and its stills snowing and blowing around, so today I'll get plenty of exercise shoveling out.  Its a "state of emergency" around here so I am praying I don't have to work tonight. I'll post pictures later (after I take them!) 

I had some company over last night and we pretty much polished off the end of the "goodies".  I am sooo ready to get back on track.  I've eaten so many cookies the past few days I feel like I am turning into one!!!

Christmas was great.  Good food, family time and  lots of laughs.  But now its over and its time to buckle down and get the couple pounds off that I put on last week.  No plans new years eve yet, but I bet food will be involve someplace.  I'll plan out the menu so there are things I can enjoy without going too crazy.

Anyone have any exciting plans for New Years Eve?? 

-Allison (Not sure # of #'s anymore!)



0 mom's headshotWe I'm finally done with the Christmas hustle and bustle, everything is wrapped, cookies are made.  Now its just fun stuff.  Making up cookie trays and delivering them to friends and neighbors.  Hopefully I don't get many tasty treats from friends and neighbors!  I've been eating ALOT of cookies this week.  I am afraid, very afraid to face the scale.  It'll all be over soon and I,  and everyone else can continue our weight loss challenge.  Good luck this week and weekend girls!  Merry Christmas to all and A Happy and healthy new year!!!!


Allison (still down 22-1/2 I hope!) 


I'm worth it!!!

0 mom's headshot I am driving my son to school this morning at 7:15 then heading over to Kohl's.  I got a 30% off coupon in the mail today,  plus I have a gift card....SO, I am going to by myself a new outfit for Christmas Eve. Just because I AM WORTH IT!!!! I think I will look at Jeans while I am there too, just to give Celeste some idea's of the type I want when I win our bet!!!!  Have a great day everyone!!!!



Holiday Daze!

0 mom's headshot When I weighed in on Friday I LOST!!!! YAY!!!!  I was and still am soooo happy about that!!!  I was pretty good over this past weekend too.  We went to a Christmas Party on Saturday with my parents veterans group.  Got to see Santa and everything.  It was fun.  It poured buckets here in the Boston area ALL day yesterday so I was forced to stay home and start wrapping.  We also finally got our tree up.  It looks beautiful!!!  My parents came up for dinner last night so I made Chicken Cacciatore with pasta.  It was yummo!!!!  I could have eaten a pound of pasta myself, cause I love it so much, but I only had a cup!  I did have some Choco Mousse for dessert and it was worth it!!!100_3488 100_3485

This week, I am determined to lose again. so I am motivated to stay on track!  I am going to walk on the tread mill soon, and plan on walking everyday this week!!!  Wish me luck!

~ Allison (Down 23#)

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