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0 mom's headshot I worked until 3am last night (this am), Got up at 6:15 to get my son on the bus,  I have to deliver Avon today,  get to the post office at some point, run around with the boys after school, then be to work by 4pm. "CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!"  I guess I wont be getting any wrapping done today!!!  I have my shopping done (I think), my cards are half done, my decorations are half up.  I just don't have time for everything!  I really wanted to walk everyday this week, but so far I've only walked once.  On a better note, I started week one Monday and I feel better already.  That yucky bloaty feeling is pretty much gone, I hope to lose a pound this week because I gained a 1/2 last week. The scale will tell soon enough.  How's every one else doing with the Christmas Daze???

~ Allison


Week one again!

0 mom's headshot I did soooo bad last week and last weekend that I am starting over with week one!  I need a jump start to get back on track!  I woke up this morning with such a headache and I swear its from eating crap all weekend!  I went to a Christmas Party on Saturday night  with some friends it was fun we had a Yankee swap, food and drink.  And of course I ate toooo much, the Sunday I went to Brunch with my Mom, Celeste and my 2 older Aunts, again tooo much food.  I didn't exercise at all last week, so I am getting on the treadmill this am. and every morning this week.  I have to get back on track before I spiral out of control.  I attached a picture of Me and Celeste at the Christmas Party Saturday night.  100_3443

I have all my water in the fridge and ready to drink, I have all the ingredients for Skinny Soup, (I just have to make it...) and I have to drive to press on.....wish me luck!!!!

Any one else having a rough time?

Allison ( Still down 21-1/2 I hope!)


I'm Back

0 mom's headshot Not that anyone noticed I was gone,  but I'm back.  I've had no internet since Sunday.  It was an eye opener on how much I and my kids rely on the computer, my son had to go to the public library to do homework and it cost 30 cents to print it out....funny huh!!!   Anyways, its back and life is back to as normal as it will ever be.

Thanksgiving was great.  I ate way way too much, but didn't care at the time.  I'm back on track for the most part now.  I broke even last week and hope to lose a little this week.  I've been really crazy busy so my excercising is suffering, but at least I'm not just laying on the couch doing nothing, I am out and about moving around, that's gotta count for something!!!

Now that thanksgiving is over, the Christmas partys are starting!  Just another hurdle.  I have a party at a friends house this weekend, Celeste is going too, and there is always too much food at these partys so I am expecting this will be no exception.  I am going to eat light all day so I can splurge a little at the party.  I love eggnog with amaretto in it and  I am definitely going to have one of those!  hopefully just one!!!

Allison (down 21-1/2# and holding)



Birthday AND Thanksgiving....

0 mom's headshot

Finally got our stuff back from when our house got broken into back in August.  My boys are soooo excited to get their Gameboys and I-pods back.  I was happy to get the Wii back.  I've really missed doing my work out with the Wii.  Starting today I back into it. Everyday!!!!

I had a bad weekend, well I had a great weekend, but toooo much food!  I had my sons 12th Birthday party yesterday, he wanted Pizza...Uuh Pizza, my favorite.  I made a salad to with the pizza, and I put out some picky stuff (that I don't like) for our guest to munch on before the pizza arrived.  I had 2 pcs of Pizza and NO SALAD. Then it was cake time.  The Dreaded Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting.  I had a tiny sliver.  I was disappointed in myself yesterday but today is a new day.  I'm getting back on horse! AGAIN!

Now I have to deal with Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday.  No matter what people say or think, it IS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!!!!!  It is about family too but mostly about food!

I am not putting added pressure on myself Thanksgiving day.  I am just going to try not to make a pig of myself like I usually do.  I will try everything that I want but in small portions.  And maybe I really don't have to try all 20 types of pies that will be there.  I just have a taste of a "FEW" of my favorites.  I am going to tell Celeste to bring her sneakers and hopefully we can get out for a walk between Dinner and Dessert.  We go over one of our other sisters house for dinner and she lives in a real nice neighborhood so its a nice walk. we always check our other peoples houses in the neighborhood!  I am going to try to walk to the High School Football game in the Morning also, (weather permitting) my boys are in the band so I'm looking forward to seeing their half time show!

- Allison (lost 21.5#)



Yard work and Quality time!

0 mom's headshot I had a great weekend.  The blisters on my hands tell a different story but... We meaning me, my husband and 2 sons had quality time on Saturday out in the yard raking leaves and winterizing our yard.  It was great outside in the fresh air doing physical activity with the family away from electronics and the refrigerator!  I had a pretty good weekend on the diet side too! 

I had my husband take my measurements yesterday too....I've lost 13.25 total inches.  That is amazing to me!!!! And it keeps me motivated!

I've been a little lax lately about drinking my water and I've been bringing and extra snack to work with me at night, well that is stopping this week!!!  Celeste reminded me of our bet we made at the beginning and we are pretty much neck and neck at this point but I really want to kick her butt so I am going to be perfect this week, drinking all my water cutting out the snack and going back to my carrots and also an going to do some extra exercising (which might just be Christmas power shopping)! 

-Allison (down 21# and 13.24")


Shopping Weekend

Allison headshot I'm exhausted....My mom and I went down to Cape Cod this past weekend to visit Celeste and we shopped til we dropped .  It was fun. We only went to dinner one night and didn't even to that much damage...and we did plenty of walking to work our dinner off too!

I lost 1-1/2#'s last weekend only 9-1/2 more to goal!!!  Its raining today and its supposed to rain tommorow so I will be on the treadmill for those days but I hope to get outside toward the end of the week to walk we are supposed to get a heat wave by wednesday, the weather men around here are predicting highs in the 50's woo hoo.... 

-Allison (down 20-1/2)


Someone Finally Noticed!

0 mom's headshot I haven't felt good all week.  I have had this "crappy" stomach bug for 2 days.  I feel better today Thank God!  anyways, last night I was getting ready to drag myself to work when I looked in that mirror and thought to myself, this outfit looks pretty good!  So, later that night I was at work and one of the guys I worked with said to me "Hey, how much weight have you lost?  You can really see it in you butt and thighs, not that I was looking, I just noticed!" Now, some people would consider this sexual harassment, I did not!  I loved that he noticed.  Is this wrong?  NO, of course its not wrong, it's what I and I think all of you, are working so hard for.  To look good even when you feel lousy!  My family tells us (me and Celeste) how good we are going all the time, but this was the first "outside" person that told me.  It was a really good feeling!

-Allison (lost 19#)



0 mom's headshotI finally had a good weekend.  A weekend that didn't undo my whole week.  I went to a Halloween Parade then Party, and I was good all day, shocking I know!!!!  I did have a couple sweet treats but nothing too  bad.  I was pretty happy with myself.  I have nothing much going on this week,  beside the normal stuff, carting the kids around from place to place, chasing the new puppy everywhere and working full time. So I plan on having a perfect week.  I'm sure the scale will tell the story on Friday!


-Allison (down 19#)


Nothing Going On

0 mom's headshot Just a quick note, I really have nothing to chat about today.  Its freezing out and I don't want to go for a walk but I am going because I really want to lose a pound or two this week.  I made the Skinny soup this week and have been pretty much living off it, its warm and comforting!  Dreading the scale Friday!

- Allison (down 18#)


Oops I did it again!

0 mom's headshot Another weekend has come and gone....and I strayed from the plan....again.  I didn't do as bad as I would have in the past, but I definitely didn't do good.   We went out to dinner Saturday and Sunday nights, and of course I didn't make good choices.  I think it's because I was disappointed in the scale results on Friday.  I did lose a half of pound, but I wanted to lose at least a pound to see "new numbers",  and I think PMS had a lot to do with the dinner choices....NEEDED CARBS!!!...Oh well, I can't dwell on the damage I did, I can only move forward.  I already walked this morning and ate a banana, so I am back on the right track and I plan on having a great week.   I am going out after work on Friday night to meet up with some old friends and I can't wait until they see the new me!

-Allison (lost 18# so far...)

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