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The results are in

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  Happy Monday everyone!  I had a lovely weekend with one of my best friends, Micah.  I went to stay with her for a few days to catch up and have some fun.  I didn't even do too bad about staying on track for the Slimdown.

    She made a FANTASTIC pot roast for Friday night, which had potatoes and carrots to go with it.  I had a ton of carrots, half a potato, and a reasonable chunk of delicious pot roast.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself! 

Saturday night, we went to the roller derby in Des Moines.  Now, I have never been to a derby 'bout' before, so it was all new to me.  Micah had been to a bout before, so she insisted on suicide seating.   For the uninitated, that means sitting on the (concrete) floor about five feet from the outside boundary line for the derby girls.  That means that at any given time, one of the derby girls could be sliding right into our laps!

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Mixed emotions

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 By now, I feel like you have gotten to know me a little.  You probably know I tend to be a little snarky and sarcastic, but that I tend to be the one who makes jokes in stressful situations.

However, I'm not feeling especially joke-y right now, and I happen to be in what I consider a stressful situation.  As I've talked about in a previous post, I've been struggling with major depression for a few years now.  I've been on and off medication, through cognitive therapy, and even tried a few non-traditional solutions.  So far, I've had the best luck managing my depression through therapy and medication, along with being very open and honest about what I've been going through.

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Harvest colors

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Our leaves are finally starting to turn here in Iowa. We've gone something like 16 days without rain -- which our farmers are taking full advantage! Most of the beans are out of the fields, and the corn is going straight into the bins (no drying!) which means it's a good harvest around here!

Autumn1 As promised, I took a few pictures from my walk to share with all of you out there.  The first is from a tree about two blocks from our apartment, and across the street from a friend's house.  I love it because the leaves are turning at different times on that tree, so it's interesting to see every day.   The next tree is another block away from our apartment, but still very interesting to see every day.

Harvest really is my favorite time of year (despite my raging allergies) and it's also the time of year when I start my experimental holiday baking.  I like to do a "test run" on any new recipes I'm thinking of before the holidays so I can iron out any wrinkles ahead of time.  Usually, this means my dear husband and I have lots of cookies and bars and candies around to munch on for a few weeks. 

Since I already have quite a few ideas on new goodies for this year, I've enlisted the help of friends and coworkers to be my taste-testers.  Granted, I will have some too, but I won't be nibbling on the whole batch like I did before.  Instead, a plate will go to work with me to share with coworkers, or a basket dropped off at a friend's house.

Autumn2 While I was a little sad at the idea at first, I've come to look at the prospect in a different light.  Instead of personally getting to enjoy the fruits of my labor, my coworkers will be tasting all my new concoctions.  That will also give me the chance to get some outside feedback on my recipes.  Who knows -- they might come up with something I'd never have considered!  I'm going to look at this like an opportunity to expand my culinary horizons, as far as holiday baking goes, anyway.

At any rate, I'll be enjoying the harvest colors around me, while keeping my antihistamine nearby.  And when we do finally get some rain, I'll get out my cookbooks!


-- Beth Reesink

Down 11 pounds since day 1


Dear Mother Nature...

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I hate to admit this, but.... I just cheated. My husband ordered pizza tonight, and I couldn't resist. Bacon cheeseburger pizza from the pizza place that is literally next door. What does pizza have to do with Mother Nature? I'll tell you...

I'm knocking on *that* time of the month. You know, those few days just before the ol' monthly bill arrives and you're craving nothing but junk food. I've been so good since restarting yesterday morning -- had pumpking yogurt both mornings, lightly seasoned chicken and veggies last night. But my supper just consisted of two slices and some Diet Dr. Pepper.

I know I'm not the only one who has struggled, or stumbled, or had a temporary lapse in judgment. And really, I'm just kinda disappointed in myself. I mean, I can do better, I KNOW I can. The weather has been soooo perfect lately -- and the leaves are turning on some of the trees here (my FAVORITE time of year!) so maybe that'll be my goal.

For Monday, I pledge to post at least two pictures of the leaves turning around town that I have taken while going on my evening walks. But for now, I'm off to put together a new playlist to keep me motivated!

--Beth Reesink

down roughly 11 pounds since the start


Wash, rinse, repeat

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A new week, a new haircut, a new start. I decided to do a little something for me last week, and I got a haircut. I have bangs now! I haven't had bangs in five or six years. In the spirit of the salon (and directions on many shampoo bottles), I have decided it is time to rinse and repeat.

Wondering what I'm babbling about? I've decided to start over at step one. Maybe not for a whole seven days, but definitely at least three days of step one, followed by at least three days of step two. Courtney, my expert, has been chatting with me for the last two weeks about whether or not to wash, rinse and repeat.

So tomorrow morning, I will start my day with my vanilla pumpking pudding, have carrots as a mid-morning nibble, and have a turkey burger and skinny salad for supper. I'm still thinking through what I will have for lunch. With Mondays being Mondays, I think Tuesday is a perfect place to start.

-- Beth Reesink

down about 10.5 pounds since the start

What are you doing to work past the plateau? Share your story below!


Challenges ahead!

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Danger! Danger! There's a child's birthday party ahead!

Okay, I'm being a little dramatic, but it IS a challenge. After all, there will be cake, ice cream, AND a solid chocolate monkey! We've named him Cocoa Loco, and here's a sneak peak:

Cocoa loco


Cocoa Loco is the centerpiece of my "niece" Piper's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. (I say "niece" because we are in no way related, but she's the daughter of one of my dearest friends.) Piper's mom and I got together Sunday evening to put Cocoa Loco together. I've got to tell you -- it's pretty hard to be around that much chocolate without sampling!

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Take Two

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From what I've read from the other bloggers, I'm not the only one with quite a few slip-ups under my belt. However, that belt isn't quite as loose as it was a week or two ago. Uh-oh...

So I'm thinking about starting over: Step One, Take Two. I've given it some thought; maybe it'll jump start my weight loss, and re-strengthen my resolve. For now, I'm taking a poll: should I start over?? Cast your vote in the comments!

-- Beth Reesink

Pounds lost: 11.4, give or take


Down and out

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Well everyone, it's been a rough few days for me. My temp job is drawing to a close, Mother Nature delivered her monthly bill, and I found out I may not be able to travel to visit my sister after all. On top of all that, I gained this last week -- 1.4 pounds! I'm chalking that up to monthly fluctuations.

That's not the only factor in how I've been feeling. I was diagnosed with depression about four years ago. Since my diagnosis, my weight has climbed by about 50 pounds. Sometimes it was caused by a change in medication; sometimes it was caused by eating "comfort foods" to feel better. Any way you look at it, the weight gain was unhealthy, but I put my mental health higher on the priority list than maintaining a healthy weight.

Depression affects roughly 15 million Americans in any given year, according to the NIMH website, so there's a good chance that someone you know and love also suffers from depression. While I manage my depression with medication and therapy now, it wasn't always that way.

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Oh dreary day...

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It's a dreary kind of day here in Iowa today. It's cloudy, supposed to rain, and it's been quite a bit on the cool side. The farmers have already been out in the fields for a couple weeks now, and it looks to be an early fall (yay!). Now for the downside...

This kind of weather has always made me reach for the slow cooker or the big Dutch oven. Usually that means a big pot of either chili or potato soup. I'm a little sad to say that I will probably miss out on my potato soup this year; however, I've tried Joy's recipe for Buffalo Chicken Chili, and it was pretty good!

Tonight we're having some barbeque chicken, and if it's not raining, I'll get my husband to grill them instead of pan-frying chicken! YUM! I'm glad Joy included barbeque chicken with her recipes -- that's been a staple in our house for ages!

-- Beth Reesink

Pounds lost so far: 13

It's officially fall next week: Love it or hate it? Tell me in the comments!


Off the wagon

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Off the wagon. Little slip-up. Speedbump. Lapse in judgment. Whatever you want to call it, pretty much everyone will stray from a diet. For my husband and me, our anniversary (and my birthday) on Friday was our "excuse" for going off the wagon.

I'm not saying it was a good excuse, or that an excuse even means anything. I'll even go so far as to say I think it was a good break for me. We did indulge -- and not just once. No, we had birthday cake Friday night at bowling. We split an order of french fries while we bowled, too. On Saturday, we spent the day celebrating our first anniversary by taking a day trip to Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin. Guess what? We had fast food on the way there.

But even our trip through the ol' drive-through wasn't what it used to be. I got a diet soda and we SPLIT a chicken strip meal. Before starting the Slimdown, it was usually a giant Coke with my own chicken strip meal and as many fries as you can cram into that little sleeve. The simple fact that yes, we splurged, was enough to make me feel a little guilty (and bloated); but as I stepped back, I realized that we have changed our eating habits. I was perfectly satisfied with my two chicken strips and handful of fries -- a little full, even.

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