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New Year's Goals

Blog icon Every year, I hear about people making New Year's resolutions.  They generally fall along the lines of resolves to "lose weight," "get a boyfriend," or to give up whatever habit they deem unhealthy at the time.  A resolution, at least according to the dictionary, is a formal expression of intention, determination, or commitment.  We all have great intentions, but intention can only take us so far. I guess resolutions fail because people trip up on the "determination" and "commitment" part.

Nearly 5 months ago, the WD bloggers committed to this Slimdown Project.  We committed to write twice weekly, eat according to Joy's plan (although this only lasted for about 2 months for myself), and try to lose weight.  While I may not abide faithfully to the eating plan, I am committed to improving my general health. I don't need to make a New Year's Resolution, because as far as I'm concerned, my commitment to my health began in August and I don't need to wait until January 01 to find renewed determination to keep going.

However, this year, I do have goals for 2011.  They are attainable, positive, and practical because I don't do failure.  Judging by my Christmas gifts, my family and friends knew my goals without me even sharing them.  In 2011, I will be a better cook, a better runner, and a better (more caffeinated) writer.  Santa (and his friends) brought me a fitness journal, new running clothes (and money which I used to buy new running sneakers and a Garmin Forerunner 305), cookbooks and new spices, and a Keurig.  I'm very lucky to be surrounded by such giving Santas!

A lot of people have been asking what my next race will be, how much more weight I want to lose, and where I see my job going, so I suppose it's fitting if I share my 2011 goals with you. 

1. Take the GREs and be accepted into a grad school program for the summer/fall.

2. Run a sub 30:00 5k (that's 3.1 miles for you non-runners)/train to run 10 minute miles.

3. More yoga. More cooking.

4. letgoletgoletgoletgoletgoletgoletgo. Let go of unreal expectations, let go of negativity, let go of the past and trying to solve other people's problems


How about you?


Tummy Troubles

Blog icon During a week in which I should be enjoying seasonal delights and comraderie with family, I instead find myself unable to keep any food down.  There must be a gross stomach virus going around and I've got it!  On the plus side, I'm now on winter break and can sleep as much as I want. 

I'm excited to have mornings to exercise while on break (whenever this virus passes) and I'm also excited to announce that I finally finished gift shopping (on Wednesday).  I also made handmade gifts for my immediate family, so hopefully they like them!

Hopefully I'm not embarrassing him, but I wanted to share a picture of the beautiful earrings my boyfriend gave me (they're blue-ish in reality).  He must know me pretty well because he also gave me a moleskine wellness journal so I can finally stop writing in my daily planner.  It even has a section titled "Inspiration" where you can paste in photos or write down quotes to keep you going.  I'm so excited to use it! Thank you!!

Earrings from dan

Hope your holidays are merry and plates full (but not too full).  Don't forget to enjoy and don't worry too much about gaining weight this week.  There's always next week!

--Brittany Chadziutko

Total weight loss: 18?


Christmas Gifts

Blog icon My hair is greasy and pin straight. I have dark circles under my eyes. I think I need my eyebrows waxed and I'm sporting a sweatshirt that doesn't even have a hood. I can't believe I even own a sweatshirt like that.  I've been wearing pajamas since 4:30 pm. This is embarrassing- so much so that I've included a picture. You think I'm afraid of your opinion?!  Someone please tell me that they're buying me a cat for Christmas because otherwise I may need an intervention. 

Photo 114

It's the holiday season and I was roaming the empty aisles of Target at 11pm Sunday night like a zombie.  I kept thinking, "Just one more gift!" until the next person popped into my head and I questioned my sanity.  I may just be forced to turn into the Grinch. 

Do you want to know why people eat more around the holidays?

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American Ninja Warrior

Blog icon So I'm beginning to think that maybe I shouldn't be training for another half-marathon but rather for American Ninja Warrior.  It's so much cooler than running.


New Year's Eve Dress

Blog icon Last week I mentioned being in a slump- it was a pretty big trench to climb out of, to be honest.  Going into the half marathon, I expected to lose weight through training.  The reality is that I didn't lose any pound-age, but I think I got a bit leaner.  You aren't supposed to lose tons of weight while training for a long distance event.  After the half-marathon, I kept eating as if I was training.  But, I could feel my tummy jiggling a bit, my skin was freaking out, and I wasn't eating appropriately for how much I was working out. 

I cried a few days, complained a lot, and found myself extremely discouraged. I bailed on friends, ate gigantic chocolate chip cookies, and had a stomach ache basically every night.  I now know why people who lose weight gain it back many times- because they fall into extremist patterns. I am a dieting terrorist.  For me, my eating is either terribly restrictive or overly permissive.  I am in constant search of balance- which is a hard thing to find.  I also tend to become isolationist when I'm down on myself.  I decided to try Step One of Joy's program last Thursday, and as of this morning, I have gone down 4 pounds from last Friday. Amen. It's a strange counterintuitive process when you fall down while dieting, but feeling bad about my body still leads me to eat.  Every day though, I find little bright spots in my body.

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Blog icon How to get motivated when you're in a slump.

It's not working for me right now.  I made a chart of my training plan for the next long running race (Broad Street Run in May, barring any complications). I'm having a hard time with holiday eating- I can't stop eating junk. I don't know how to stop old eating habits now that I've started them again. I'm thinking negatively. How do you turn it off?

To all my friends who are of "normal" weight. How do you decide what you're going to eat? Do you write your food down? What do you think about while you're eating? How do you pick a meal off a restaurant menu? I'm just curious.


Twas a few weeks before Christmas...

Blog icon 'Twas 18 days before Christmas, and all through the school,

The kids were all coughing and spreading their drool.

The hand sanitizer was placed by the doors with such care,

In hopes that the students would remember to prepare-

The flu was arriving with the potential to spread,

And who has time to spend wasted in bed?

I forgot my jacket and I don't wear a cap,

And my schedule doesn't allow me to consider a nap

So when you turn to me and think to ask, "What's the matter?"

Know that my mind barely considers if I'm getting any fatter.

In fact one glance might cause me to turn in a flash,

For I see myself muffin-topping and I feel quite abash[ed].

It's not to say that all hope has been lost,

But I just get a feeling when I think of Jack Frost-

That maybe I have a case of the wintery blues,

So when you offer me pizza I will never refuse,

It smells so delicious with its melting white cheese,

And a taste will put my wandering mind at ease.

Until the next day when I find internal unrest,

And I realize that the winter is truly a test-

As much as I try to be good and lose weight,

There's something about December that screams "inflate!"

My body is fighting the holiday bulge,

But I just can't help but want to indulge.

Sometimes the weather creates a test of our will,

I suppose it's not too late to undo it still-

I'm working hard and with all my might,

So somebody please tell me that I'll be alright!


My brain hurts. Rhyming is hard. I need a time out. Please?!


12 lbs lost?


Looking Forward

Blog icon I have pretty much always lived in the past.  I went into the WDSlimdown with memories of all the things I could not do, and some glum projections of how this time would end up. I was an unathletic child, so I would be an unathletic adult.  I've had failures with weightloss in the past, so I would have failures this time at a certain point.  Sure I had my secret optimistic thoughts back in August, but I always remembered what had happened before.  Now that we're rolling into December, I am looking ahead for once in my life, instead of dragging the past into it.

Last December, I had changed my phone number because of a psycho ex-boyfriend, I had decided to try getting back in shape (most likely to prove myself to said psycho ex), and I was still living at home with my parents.  On December 31, my family (and part of my extended family) went out to eat before New Year's Eve festivities would begin.  Sure, I was invited out by Emma and Pat and other friends for the night, but I bailed on everyone.  I hated 2009.  I told them I wanted to sleep through the new year so that maybe 2010 would be better (no lie).  [I never said I wasn't uber melodramatic].  It got better when I told my parents I wanted to go running into the new year.  I think December 2009 was what we call "rock bottom." At dinner, I had 3 glasses of red wine and then went home and ran a mile on the treadmill.  My parents laughed the entire night thinking about what a crazy person I had become. I went to bed at 10pm.  I slept the whole night (amidst the calls and texts all night wishing me a happy new year).  Everything about 2009 to me screams "chaos."

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The Thing about Family is...

Blog icon Some days, I'm actually insanely happy.  To be perfectly honest, those are the days when I am not thinking about losing weight or the WDSlimdown.  I'd actually prefer to not have to think about it.  I'd trade all of this in for more time with family and an extra hour each night of sleep.  Can I just concentrate on sleeping/avoiding malls/buying all my Christmas presents from the comfort of my bed?  I think that's a sound plan.

As I spent time with family this Thanksgiving I realized a few things. 

1. Never talk about the book you're reading that is causing you to reevaluate your carnivorous habits in front of Irish Catholic meat and potatoes people.  You're asking to be jumped on.  Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer is an incredible book, and if you want to know where this year's turkey came from, read it!  But, for the sake of family gatherings, suck it up and eat that hormone injected meat that's making your 12 year-old sister grow to almost 6 feet tall.

2.  No matter how much weight you gain or lose, someone will always ask if you, "should be eating that."  Turn around and ask them if they should be eating that.  And tell them yes, dessert is always part of a balanced diet, so let me eat my apple pie in peace.  Plus, I'm pretty sure my deceased Grandpa said that you'd never find food better than right here, so have some geedonk.  I can't believe that was actually a real term- I thought he had made it up.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Blog icon Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just wanted to make a quick post about everything I'm thankful for this year:

1. My family- never have I ever met such a large group of good looking, smart, loud people (truth). I'm thankful for you all pushing me, holding me accountable, helping me celebrate even the small victories, and not telling on me when I cheat.  Thank you to my parents and sisters for making food accommodations for me, and for telling me about your running escapades. Seeing you get so involved in healthy lifestyles makes me want to keep going (and I won't stop pushing until you officially give up disposable water bottles). To the rest of my family- even though you may dress like Darth Vader at family functions, call me a nerd, hate my political views, or laugh at me for being the family spaz, I love you all and I only want us all to be healthy and enjoying long lives.

2. My friends- for running with me, eating strange meals with me, being conscious of your food choices around me to make things easier, and for reassuring me that I'm doing a good job even when I can't see it myself.  You keep me inspired.

3. My students- for serving as a constant reminder of hope in this world and showing me my mission to share healthy habits with others.  You may not know the purpose you serve in my life, but it's big.

4. My health- despite my IT band injury, I'm overall healthy, as is my family. I couldn't ask for more.

5. A 5mile race the day after Thanksgiving- to keep my eating in check and to keep me motivated to run.

What are you thankful for this year?

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