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Somebody, please talk to me!

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Hello everyone!

This is probably going to be my final post. I'm going to spend school vacation in Florida and hope to be on the beach and not the computer next week.

To all who read my blog, thank you. I've enjoyed reading your comments and tried (or considered) some of the suggestions. It's been a very difficult journey but so far, it's been worth it. I have a new figure and a promising new wardrobe. I'm starting to train for the road race - took the first steps on the treadmill and have rounded up a posse to help and/or join me. Exercise has become an intergral part of my day whether I like it or not. Eating is still an issue however, but I'm more in control now than before we started the Slimdown Challenge.

Thanks to Barbara B and everyone at Woman's Day, Joy, Johanna and my coach Lorraine . It's so cool to say "yeah, I spoke with Joy Bauer, the other night, you know, from the Today Show ... blah, blah, blah" and yeah, I'm in a national magazine this month - yeah I'm awesome. hahaha.

Thanks to the other Slimdown girls. Your support and encouragement has been huge. I may even join Facebook to keep tabs on you! And Al, you're the best!

But readers, what I really want to know ... need to know ... Was it good for you too?

Did my blog posts inspire you to be your best self? Did I make you smile, laugh, chuckle  .... or mad? Were you rooting for me or Allison during our weight loss competition? (I won by the way). One final time, tell me you love me!

Love you too,

~ Celeste


Spring is Right Around the Corner

Wd icon How do I know? Well, the groundhog said so last week! AND yesterday, the Red Sox equipment truck left Fenway Park in Boston for sunny Ft Myers, FLA. If that doesn't say spring is coming, I don't know what does!

Even though it's a frigid 14° in Falmouth, MA right now, I am preparing for sun & fun. School vacation week is just 10 days away and I am heading to St Pete's Beach, FLA for some much needed warmth and R&R.

Compiling my "to do" list now.

1. Stay on track with my eating, the superbowl was not so super and I put a few back on.

2. Get out summer/spring clothes and try 'em on! What fits? (Hopefully nothing)

3. Go shopping for new summer/spring stuff!

4. Keep exercising (nothing says yuk more than saggy, jiggly thighs).

5. Stay positive about things I cannot control (got some "stuff" going on but this is not the forum).

6. Control the stuff I can manage (eating, exercise, shopping - well maybe not shopping).

7. Enjoy life!

What's on your "to do" list?

Have a great week everyone - stay warm!

~ Celeste


Super Sunday!

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The Superbowl is this Sunday and I'm very excited but so nervous. I always have people over and the only stipulation to the invitation is - bring food! I'm excited to see my friends and watch the game - even though the stupid Patriots got bounced out early. But I'm nervous to have unknown, unplanned and possibly dangerous food here too.

I am planning to make turkey meatballs in my homemade sauce - mmmmm. Of course, there'll be baby carrots, celery sticks, pita, hummus & salsa. Have a 6pk of Bud lite and may drink 1 or 2 - my limit (it's a school nite). Bought some of the sweet potato chips that Joy mentioned recently and they are calling me right now (don't answer, don't answer) and that purchase may prove to be a bad move. I know my friend Cheryl is bringing turkey chili - so that's ok. But what else will hit the table remains to be seen (and sampled, but hopefully not devoured).

We also have a few "pools" so I am hopeful that I will earn some cash through my savvy square picking skills.

Will let you know how it goes. GO STEELERS!

~ Celeste

P.S. I won at cards on Thursday!!!


Falmouth Road Race

Almost every Cape Cod (MA) resident dreams of "running Falmouth", a premier road race in MA in the summer. I have NEVER been one of them, but am now kinda considering it.

My friends Laura L and Lauren L run it every year. My niece Laura T says she wants to run this year. I have "done" the race many times - volunteered at the finish line, schmoozed with Bill Rogers, Frank Shorter, Joan Benoit-Samuelson etc ... but running - hmmmm - never really appealed to me. I could see pain and anguish in the faces of many runners but there was joy in many others. Which would I show?

Runners out there: What made you take the first step? Or what "let" you start running in the first place. Brittany C (another Slimdown blogger) is a runner - Brittany inspires me to want to get out there but I still have not taken the first step.

Why should I?

    1. Training would (hopefully) firm up my saggy thighs.

    2. To look great in shorts when (if) I go to Brazil this summer.

    3. To say I did it.

    4. Pride

Why shouldn't I?

    1. I might die.

    2. My name is not Laura or any form of it.

    3. It's 7 miles!

    4. The race is in August - it'll be too hot.

    5. It's 7 miles!!

Entries are available Feb 1, 2011.

Should I?

Anyone wanna do it with me?

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~ Celeste


R.I.P. Jack LaLanne

Jack Lalanne died yesterday at age 96. I have so many memories of my mom excercising with him on tv in the 60's when it wasn't cool for women to be fit. He started it all.

Jack LaLanne

Thanks Jack!




Wd icon This week I think I really arrived in the 21st century! I upgraded my cable - I now have 500+ channels with On-Demand and a guide channel - it even has it's own remote!!! I also have high speed internet. I thought DSL was just fine (even I knew dial-up was not cool) but am anxious to experience "lightening fast" internet. I even have free long distance on my phone. How awesome is that? The best part of all this you ask?? Other than keeping up with the Joneses (or is it the Kardashians), I'm saving $$$$$$ - about $40/month. What's better that that? (I'm channeling my inner Ina Garten)

I also upgraded my look - got a new hairdo - long layers and lots of highlights. My niece, Elizabeth at Salon 455,  is a stylist and did a beautiful job on me. I just need to learn how to "do" it like she did. Will add a picture when I can.

I upgraded my wardrobe (a little). Allison and I went shopping over the weekend to settle our bet. We said that whoever (or is it whomever) lost the most weight (not percentage - lbs) would gets a new pair of "nice" jeans purchased by the other. The competition was fierce but mostly friendly and in the end, I was the losing winner!! According to the Woman's Day Magazine article, we tied at 22lbs lost, but that was in November and when we weighed in at the end of December - I was 25 and Al was 24. So close  ... but ... close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. I am the weight loss champ of the family and hope to stay that way for a good long time!!

Have you upgraded lately?



My 15 Minutes of Fame

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It's inconceivable to me that I would EVER tell anyone how much I weigh, but there it is - for all to see in this month's Woman's Day Magazine ... and I like it!

If you see it, pick it up and check out pages 89 - 91 (FYI - Allison and I are on pge 90). I've been showing it to just about anyone who'll humor me and look! I have not been to the supermarket yet and I'm afraid I'll see the issue, turn to a stranger in line and make them look too!!

As the article says, planning ahead was a key to my success but exercise and journaling are important tools as well. I've been going to the gym more often and varying my at home workouts. I mentioned it before that the "gazelle" is my favorite workout machine at home but one of the other Slimdown bloggers mentioned that Netflix has exercise videos on its "Play Now" list. I've discovered the 10 minute workouts that target different mucle groups and problem areas. They also have yoga. Cool tip, thanks Beth!

It's still a struggle, but I'm almost at my goal.  Now that I don't have to check in on Fridays with my official Slimdown weight to my coach, I have only myself to answer to and I'm not always honest with myself. I'm glad that our friends at Woman's Day asked us to keep blogging - it makes me accountable - to you as well as myself.

Will you hold me accountable?



It's So Easy

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It's so easy to gain weight. A little cake & ice cream, a few french fries, a little more pasta, some cookies & "regular" coffee and the pounds pack on. If you're a couch potato, they stay with you longer.

It's so easy to get out of an exercise routine - the excuses flow freely "it's cold today, I'm tired ...  blah, blah, blah."

It's so easy to just say "why bother - it's too hard to lose weight" and you'd be right. It is hard to lose the weight and the longer you've been attached to that poundage, the harder it is to get rid of it. But is it worth the effort?

You bet it is! Besides the obvious health benefits (more energy & stamina, clear skin etc), the boost to your self esteem is huge. People notice my weight loss and ask me what I'm doing. I feel like I have inspired others to get back on track  ... back on the wagon, so to speak.

My mom has a magnet on the fridge "I've been on a diet for 2 weeks and all I've lost is 14 days". Don't lose any more days. Get rid of the attitude, get off the couch and do it! You can. It won't be easy but it'll be worth the time and effort you invest.

Trust me, I know...

~ Celeste (down 25!)


My New Years Revolutions

Wd icon Yes, I meant to say Revolution and it's a very versatile word - meaning (from Webster's Word Central);

1 a : the action by a heavenly body of going round in an orbit b : the time taken to complete one orbit

Celeste (or Celestial) means "heavenly body" so my orbit would be going round by round to stick to the meal and exercise plans and get rid of the excess "celestial bodyness" in the time we had  for the Slimdown Challenge.

2 : completion of a course (as of years) : Cycle.

I have just about completed the course. I have the knowledge to continue to be successful on my quest for a fitter, healthier body and choose to continue the cycle of meal planning and exercise.

3 a : the action or motion of revolving : a turning round a center or axis : Rotation. b : a single complete turn (as of a wheel or a phonograph record)

I have pretty much revolved around Joy Bauer and the Slimdown Challenge for the past five months, turning to Step 2 after cleansing through Step 1. Step 3 is getting to be everyday common sense and I look forward to hitting Step 4 in the very near future.

4 a : a sudden, extreme, or complete change b : a basic change in government; especially : the overthrow of one government and the substitution of another by the governed.

It hasn't been a sudden change but the change in my body and attitude is extreme (for me) and nearly complete. I have overthrown the controlling element of my brain that says, "see food - eat it" and substitute "think before you eat it".

I know there are speed-bumps along the diet road and this week I have hit many. Some I have gone over with no problem but others have me stuck in a holding pattern of weight loss. I will have lost 25lbs by the official end of the Slimdown as well as many inches and pant sizes.

I resolve to stick with the program because it works for me and to help others that may want to try it too.

Happy New Year!

~ Celeste (down 25lbs)


Did you see me on the Today Show?

Wd iconThat's ok, I didn't see it either! I could hear the show while I was on the phone but the local stations were having 24/7 storm coverage so no national tv.  A couple of family friends phoned or texted that they had seen it so I felt ok about the performance! AND ... there's always the internet. Here's the link to my question on Joy's Diet S.O.S. segment or I tried to embed the video below - did I do it right? (Thanks Joe).

On another note, Christmas was wonderful but I was not! I know Allison almost turned into a cookie.I enjoyed them too ... but for me, the killer was the candy - reeses, kitkat, snickers and the Spanish confections my son brought home (Thanks Santas). So I'm up 3 lbs and trying to knock it off by weigh in at the end of the week. That means - Step 1, lots of "skinny soup" and no sweetener in my coffee.

How do you get "back on the wagon" after a fall?

~ Celeste - down 22 :( but not for long!


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