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Stuffed Like the Turkey

Eve headshot I am writing my blog tonight to post in the morning because I am heading to Connecticut for my step daughters bridal shower this weekend. I am very excited for her and her new life. We will be leaving this morning at 4 am and I will not be able to have access to a computer until Sunday night. I wanted to share my Thanksgiving day with you all before I left.

   Let me start by saying that I lost another pound this week and I really didn't think the scale would move because of my double feature parties last Saturday. I started running on my treadmill this week and it seemed to have paid off. I was really proud today when not one but both of my brothers immediately had noticed my weight loss. It really made me feel good. I was glad to see that the Wii was up and running when I got there so I knew I wouldn't be sitting around.

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    Eve headshot In my Friday post you will have noticed that I FINALLY dropped 2 pounds last week. Well they tell us we should reward ourselves for our accomplishments with something good. On Friday I went shopping with my girlfriend and bought some new pants (size 8). On Saturday I had 2 parties to go to. One was a "Scentsy" party that a very good friend of mine Tracy D., was hosting. I rewarded myself with some wine and buffalo chicken dip. HMMMM not a great reward. I followed that up with a vodka and lemonade (but it was diet) at the girls Bunco night later that evening and about a half dozen mushroom tart lets.

    I don't really think that these are the types of rewards Barbara P., my nutritionist is referring to. I don't even want to get on that scale. This is always what happens to me. I backslide. I am so close to reaching my goal. I only have 8 more pounds to go. I sabotage myself everytime. I need to stay focused and stick to my menu. This is not a good time to be going haywire. Thursday is Thanksgiving and all I can think about is some pumpkin pie. The finny thing is I am not a HUGE pumpkin pie fan. Is it the fact that I will be doing something bad, like cheating, and getting away with it? What motivates these food thoughts.  Why do I always do this?

    This week my volleyball league started and I exercised for 30 minutes in the morning and then walked 3 miles my girlfriends Patricia and Doreen. I then went to Volleball practice for 1 and a half hours. I am heading down to run 2 miles, thenoff to  my ladies bowling league this morning, then a volleyball of match of 3 games tonight. I just hope that I am exercising enough to counteract  all the bad choices that I am making.






    Eve headshot Hi Everyone--Not sure if anyone noticed ( I would like to think someone did) but I didn't post yesterday. I thought yesterday was Thursday. My week was so hectic that I lost track of what day it was. So, I am going to post today, Saturday. I am suppose to be raking leaves with my husband right now but I was afraid that I would forget my post since I usually dont blog on Saturdays.

    Let me start by telling what a fantastic week I had. One of the  best outcomes of being involved in the Joy Bauer Slimdown project was getting to know the other women of the slimdown. I found that one of the other bloggers, Katie B. lives like 15 minutes from me in the Northern Va. area. As you may know we met back in Oct and went to meet Joy Bauer when she was doing a book signing at the Talbots in Alexandria. We hit it off and I so  enjoy her company. Now granted, she is much younger than I (3 of my children are older than her) but we just mesh. We decided that we should try to meet once  a month and talk and moan about our accomplishments and pitfalls and try to keep other on task. I met with her this past Monday night at the Cracker Barrell and we had a great time over steak salads and coffee (water of course). The 2 hours just flew by. I can't wait to see her in December.

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Eve headshot This weekend was the last of the travel softball team until next spring. We had a tournament in Newport News and the whole team stayed overnight  in a hotel. For a end of the season closer, our team finished #1 one in their bracket on Saturday. We had a fantastic team dinner and I think I may have over done it. We tried to get some grilled chicken but ended up with only fried chicken. My choices were PIZZA OR FRIED  CHICKEN! Neither one please, but I ate the chicken.  One of the moms, Diane D., brought the best pasta salad that I can remember eating. I had 2 helpings.  As you know I still have not incorporated carbs into my evening meals , so I went to bed feeling pretty full. We played games until around 930 with the girls and then a couple of us mom's went up for a night cap (or two) --also not on the menu.

    Sunday morning we got to the fields around 8 am and were there until 2pm. I was starving and found the color with the leftover fried chicken in it.. Not good. My only saving grace was that the hotel had an awesome continental breakfast. On Saturday morning I had yogurt with granola and cranberry and a bowl of fruit. On Sunday I had fruit again with Oatmeal that I added walnuts and cranberries to. The girls wanted to stop at MacDonalds about 2 hours into our car ride home yesterday and I opted for just the fruit and yogurt parfait. For dinner I had fresh fruit and a 100 calorie pack of cheese. Figured I had enough "protein" in that fried chicken---I did pull off the skin--ok, well most of it.    I don't think I did very  well this weekend, I will have  step up the exercise for sure this week.

    Tonight I am meeting fellow blogger Katie B. at the local cracker barrel for dinner and coffee. I  can't wait to see her again. The last time we got together was when we met Joy Bauer at the Talbots in Alexandria the first week in October. I have lost 8 pounds since then and I think she has as well. I wonder how she will look. Beautiful I am sure!!

Eve M.

I have lost 20 pounds




Eve headshot I have had a very productive week. I have had many task to accomplish this week and I think busy equal less food, and of course less thoughts of food equals weight loss. I hit a huge milestone this week, my 20 pound mark. FINALLY, it seemed to take forever to get here since reaching the  15 pound mark.  It has been a slow process but I would not let it get me down. Don't get me wrong, some days were more discouraging than others. Even when I wasn't eating right, I still exercised. I truly believe that is the key to successfully keeping this weight off.

    My true inspiration this last month has been my daughter Ericka.  She and I have kinda made a little side bet. As you all may remember, Ericka started the Joy Bauer plan with me back in the beginning of August  and she  has taken off over 11 pounds herself.  (20 total since last spring) She decided that she cannot have her  Mother being thinner than her and when she saw I was struggling, she decided to bet me that she could beat me to 14o. Well needless to say, she is 3 pounds up on me.   She has truly modified her food choices and seems very happy now.

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  Eve headshot   I was really starting  to feel frusted with what seemed to be minute strides. I have consistently only been loosing about .5- 1.5 pounds a week over the last month. I seemed to be doing everything right, so I thought. In last weeks blog I decided to keep a food log. Every week on Friday we send our weight in to our nutritionist (I know, how cool is that, I have one of Joy's nutritionist at my dispense). She thought it was a great idea. So on Wednesday I sent her my food list from Sat-Wed and on Thursday morning she called me. I diligently rode my bike as we went over my food list for the week. She pointed out the areas that she thought I could be improving on. It all made sense. Barbara you are one smart cookie!. Thanks for your helpful insight.

    Today when I weighed I was down another pound. Not the number that sounds like leaps and bounds, put it is a loss. If you put it into prospective, I could potentially lose 52 pounds this year. WOW, now that sounds impressive. I still have 12 pounds to lose and 8 weeks until the New Year. I guess my progress is right on target. I am still exercising 4-6 times a week and riding my bike 13- 26 miles a day. I think, NO I KNOW, I can reach my goal. It is in my sights and I will get it.

    I have to say my husband made me feel fantastic yesterday. I had to send some photos into Woman's Day magazine and he took the shots for me. He raved about how thin and beautiful I was. I felt like a million bucks. I actually had to borrow some dresses from my walking partner, Doreen, because all of mine were too big. That felt great too. What an ego boost and an incentive marker. Again , Thanks Barbara, my husband, my daughter, Joy, Woman's Day Magazine Staff, and all my fellow bloggers for your continued support.

What little things fire you up and keep you motivated?

Eve M.

I have lost 19 pounds



   Eve headshot  Halloween and Christmas have always been my two favorite holidays. I started to analyze why that was while I was riding my bike on Saturday morning, before my 10 hour day at the ball field. Was it the food that motivated me or the holiday itself? It's hard to tell. I will say that I didn't find as much fun in this Halloween as I have in the past. There was no warm spiced wine while sitting on the porch passing out candy, there was no anticipation of waiting for the girls to get back so I could rifle through their bags, there were  no hot appetizers covering the kitchen counter, but all and all it was still enjoyable.

  My daughter had planned to stay home and pass out candy, mostly so that I wouldn't eat it. On Friday I saw an ad in the local paper that an area dentist (about a mile away from my house) was buying back candy for a dollar a pound and was sending it over to the troops. I told my daughter about this and she seemed excited to participat  and got 3 other girls off of her travel softball team to come over and go out with her. I think they got about 10 pounds but we will see at the weigh in this afternoon.  I am glad to do something for our troops and this way it won't effect my weigh in either.

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 Eve headshot    Well it appears I am back to my old tricks this week.  Weighing to much, nibbling here, just a taste of this. No more. I have decided that I am going to start a food journal this week. My nutritionist, Barbara, from the staff at Woman's Day (aren't I so lucky to have her provided to me) has been trying to get me to do one for sometime now. Well I am starting today. Joy's website has one right there available for me to use. Why aren't I using the tools provided to me? I think I need more discipline. More structure. Heck, more something. I feel like I am stuck n a holding pattern. I keep exercising and exercising more but that DARN scale just won't budge. I need to stop worrying about it and just stick to the program. I am not focusing on the real issues at hand. I am a junk food eater. I love to eat conveniently. I need to stop and think about what I am putting in my mouth and focus on my health and well being.

    This weekend is Halloween weekend and I told myself that I was only going to buy candy that I don't like, so there will be NO temptation for me andthat is exactly what  I did. There will be no snickers bars, no baby ruth's ,no almond joys,  no 100,000, $ bars at our house.  Sorry kids :( don't mean to disappoint .  My daughter has volunteered to pass out the candy so there will be no need for me to be around it. I will make a GIANT vegetable platter with a non fat dip and keep it in the middle of the kitchen table the entire evening until I go to bed. I always make pumpkin stew every year but this year, since I am the one who eats it leftover, I have decided to nix that tradition and make a turkey white bean chili for dinner. I think the fiber in the beans will also keep me full longer and help stave off the candy cravings.

What will you do this Halloween to defeat temptations?


I have lost 17.5 pounds



Eve headshot      Wow, Yippee, Horray--I can't shout it loud enough. I have FINALLY made it under the 150 pound mark. I weighed in today at 149.5. I was SO terrified that I wouldn't make it again this week after my minute weight loss of .5 pound last week. This is a HUGE MILESTONE for me since I have only been under 150 pounds once in about 6 years. Once I turned 42 I started gaining about 4 pounds a year until I was up to 171.  It's not that 171 is a horrible weight or anything, but I am only 5'4" and I look a LITTLE BIT chubby at that weight. I really started getting concerned about health issues oo.

    Well I worked out hard this week (M-F) since  I didn't get anything in due to a softball tournamenet this past weekend. Check out my program

Monday--Walked 4 miles and did 20 min Abs in the AM  rode my bike 17 miles in the pm

Tuesday-- Did full body toning in the am /Decided to bike a marathon  in the pm for 26 miles

Wednesday --Walked 4 miles in the am and rode my bike another 26 miles in the pm

Thursday--Did an arm workout in the am and rode my bike 16 miles

Friday --Rode my bike this morning 15 miles and did a 20 minute lower body workout.

WOW---I am exhausted just typing that down. I am concerned that I may not be eating right to have only lost 1 pound this week with all of the extra exercising that I have been doing. I think I need to add some meals back into my plan from Step 1. I still don't think that I am sleeping enough either. I spoke to Joy Bauer in a conference call on Wednesday and she broke down the reasons why sleep is sooo very important to your weight loss program. I am soo blessed that we have access to her and all the nutritionist, and the wonderful staff at Woman's Day. Thank you all

EXERCISE TIP OF THE DAY-Find the time of the day that you are at your peak energy level and workout the. It won't seem like such a chore and you will actually put more effort into your workouts :D

Well I am off to celebrate my VICTORY!!

Eve M.-

I have lost 16.5 pounds




   Eve headshot  What a weekend! Again, my daughter had a softball tournament and we lived at the ball field.  On Saturday we got up at 530 am, I took my shower, dressed and came to pack healthy lunches for all.  Unfortunately, all of the bread had molded.  We were just going to have to eat out. I did take a banana and a peanut butter bagel for breakfast with me. At lunch time I got a grilled chicken salad with low calorie dressing, so it all worked out. We ended up being at the fields from 7:15 am until 8:40 pm. What a long day and the last thing I want to do now is cook dinner. We ended up eating at a local restaurant with another parent and two other players. I had chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese, steamed broccoli and sauteed veggies. It wasn't as healthy as one of Joy's meals,(check some of her dinner options out www.joybauer.com . I love the chicken parmegian)  but it was going to have to do.  I ended up getting in bed around 11pm.

    On Sunday mornign I got the game times confused in my head and got everyone up at 5:50 instead of 6:50 and no one could go back to bed. Needless to say we had never gotten to the grocery store so we would be winging our meals again today. For breakfast I ate a bowl of oat and almond cereal and 2 cups of coffee, I wanted the whole pot but I needed to share. We played at 930 am and lost so we were done for the day. We got home at 11:30 ish and I proceeded to eat my leftovers from dinner and my daughter's remaining buffalo tenders. I drank a 40 0z water bottle and still felt hungry. I was a bottomless pit. What the heck was going on with me? I knew I was exhausted but right  now I felt like going on an eating frenzy. Instead I layed down and took a 3 hour power nap. Yes, 3 hours, I was EXHAUSTED!  Later that day I went to my mother's house to celebrate my oldest brothers 54th birthday. She always has a TON of food and I was afraid. Even after my nap I felt famished. Of course there was food everywhere. But mom had alot of  healthy food as well. I ate steamed shrimp, baked scallops, broccoli and pineapple. Oh, course I HAD to try my son's pot roast and it was delicious. Guess what? I still didn't feel full.


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