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Never Ending Story


This is the end of this journey.  It has been fabulous..AND life changing…but not in all the ways I expected.  You see, this weight loss / body image journey is my life’s never ending story.  Learning that fact, well, it is a truth that often, I have not wanted to face. 

Around Halloween, I hit a number on the scale that I have not seen for YEARS..I lived in that number world for two weeks.  My confidence was soaring.  I decided I could start running.  Then, in three weeks, I gained 6 pounds.  That was around Thanksgiving.  It was also the time that we learned that the stats and pictures for the reveal in February, needed to be reported.  

The time span between Thanksgiving and Christmas, one of the toughest times of the year for “dieting”, came and went.  All along, I struggled.  Mainly, with the scale, the number that began to overwhelm me because it was telling me I was failing. 

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Conversation Hearts

WD-blogicon-75x110-juleshubert    Happy Valentine's Day!

Candy, Kisses, Hearts and Flowers...

And a TON of Gratitude for All of YOU that supported and joined me along the way


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You're Going to Hollywood

WD-blogicon-75x110-juleshubertYes! I am a big fan of American Idol.  Those, now, infamous words, “You’re going to Hollywood!” rings in the air at the start of this new season.  New judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, join Randy Jackson and have put a renewed sense of excitement like the original first few seasons did. 

Last week, I heard my own American Idol type words, “You’re going to Fitbloggin!” and yes, it has added a renewed sense of excitement to this slimdown journey.  There will be quite a few speakers that I consider to be Blogging Rock Stars and a whole host of those that could fit the bill of blogging celebrity status in attendance. 

Often times, on this weight loss-fitness journey, I feel like an Idol hopeful.  Pursuing the longtime dream of the rewards at the end of one of the biggest challenges in my life; being healthier and slimmer. 

So, as this Woman’s Day Slimdown challenge is winding down, my own personal challenge is just turning another page.  One of my latest, banner goals for continuing to get fit:

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Weather or Not


Sunshine…Oh the beautiful wonders of the sun.  It is my natural motivator.  It gets me moving.  A perfect day for me is about 80 degrees, light breeze, lots of sunshine, with just a few billowy white clouds in a sea of blue skies. 

 Ah yes..I love the sunshine.  We have had some crazy weather lately, all over the country.  But our California weekend….well…it’s why I am grateful to live in California.

Yes, the first weekend in February and I was driving with the convertible top down.  Short sleeves, shorts, and yes…exercise!  On Saturday, it was a long bicycle ride (6 miles). Sunday, a walk-jog (3 miles) with a few walking lunges outside with my IPOD.

My mood was different! Very different!

 I know there are lots of studies about whether the sun makes a difference or not and even more research, done recently, on the effects of Vitamin D and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I have had problems with this for many years.  I take Vitamin D supplements daily

 But for me..it is the whole thing.. there is NOTHING like a bright, sunny day to change my mood and get me moving..

 What about you?  How does the weather affect your mood and your workouts? 


Not a Calculator


I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  “Haven’t felt like it” seems to be a daily mantra for me over the last few weeks.  Yes.  I have valid reasons.  Grief; with the added punch of a nasty winter cold, certainly have played heavy on that mantra.  It seems to take almost all the energy I have just to get through the “routine” of everyday things. 

My confession:  I have not exercised much at all in almost a month.  My eating has, for the most part, been on track.  Still healthy; still cooking; still trying new things.  The latest newbie’s: Butternut squash and steamed sweet potatoes with just a hint of “Splenda” brown sugar.  But the exercise, well..not so much. 

I finally stepped on the scale this week.  I had taken a break from it trying to get my emotions and my struggle under control.  I have gained 5 lbs.  Not surprised, actually.  And it didn’t devastate me like it has in the past.  But, it was yet another wake up call. 

I have always known that it is my expectations and not reaching them can be the first sign of derailment for me.  Often in this journey for me, I hear what I need to, when I need it the most.   Recently, I read a simple, yet quite empowering statement, for me anyway.  In dealing with the expectation, “I’ll lose weight consistently each week.” Or any other words, the scale’s needle will move downward each week.  The answer:

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Kitchen Tools


To be successful at anything, you need to have the proper tools.  For years, I have had a habit of looking what I need in my personal “tool belt” to succeed, but most of the tools, honestly, had to do with career and job skills. 

During this plan, my focus hasn’t been on the exercise tools as much as the tools for successful and healthy food intake.   Learning more about cooking, flavors, and taste help me to continue on this plan. 

I have two favorite tools in my kitchen these days; my crock pot and my rice cooker-steamer.  These are making my cooking days much easier.  For example, the other day, I cooked pork tenderloin in the crock pot while I was at work.  When I got home, I filled the rice cooker-steamer up with rice and squash-crook neck, zucchini and butternut squash.  Dinner was a breeze and the flavors – oh so rich and tasty! Oh and instead of the old staple of butter on the vegetables, I just sprinkle a pinch of parmesan cheese on them. 

What are some of your favorite tools in the kitchen?


Setting the Cruise Control


The birthday bash is winding down and my long weekend celebration is coming to an end.  Tomorrow it is back to work, back to the gym, and back to the land of everyday life.  Thank you ALL for your awesome birthday comments.  I have printed them out and they will hang above my desk as a reminder of the road trip I am on.

This birthday was special.  A milestone, yes, a mile marker along this road trip of mine.  Isn’t that what life is about, though?  The mile markers.. the milestones.. the adventures..the people you meet along the way. 

  My life feels like it has been a whirlwind for the last month, and at times, it felt so out of control like the raging winds in a tornado. There have been SO many ups and downs; I have been craving something besides food.  I just want to get to that stretch of the road where I can finally turn on the cruise control.  You know, the coaster part of a roller coaster ride.

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My Big 5 0 - Virtual B-day Card

WD-blogicon-75x110-juleshubertLes Brown is one of my all time favorite motivational speakers.  It was his quote that prompted my 50 by 50 goal. 

“Shoot for the Moon!  Even if you miss, you will land among the stars!”

TODAY..is my 50th Birthday.  No, I did NOT lose the 50 lbs by today.  Today, my weight loss from the time I made that goal is: 20 lbs.

BUT I did land among the stars.  When I first started this plan, this project – I hid behind the excuse of my weight.  It was how I viewed me and my weight that held me back from living my life.  NOW I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt…It’s possible!

This is from my FIRST post Join me on my Journey

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$1,000,000 Question


Why do I sabotage myself? 

For an emotional eater, that IS the million dollar question. 

The answer is not a quick fix but perhaps in WHAT we are pursuing.    

Instead of pursuing the answer, perhaps, we should pursue the dream.

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his life for his dream.  He died at a young age of 35.

His infamous, “I Have A Dream” is what fueled his life.

Most of my life, I have pursued that “dream” number on the scale, believing that is what would make me happy…change my life, people would treat me different, somehow THAT would make me likable. 

But, somehow, we get afraid of those ideas or we listen to other people’s fears of those ideas.

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Changes Between My Ears


WOW! Thank you for all your comments on Friday to Are You Competitive?

It was enlightening for me. I did notice a few commonalities too.  More stated they were competitive with themselves more than others, competitive in games they knew they were good at, and a few wondered what happens to the continued journey AFTER the scale victory.

My next question is about discipline and emotions.  Do you view discipline as a punishment or structure?  How do you, if competitive with yourself, continue on when the emotions arise?

I have gone through my 2011 calendar, wrote down weight numbers and I am working on my plans for meals and exercise.  I have set the alarm on my phone on weekend days to remind me of meal time and to go drink my water.  I check in before I go to bed to go through my day of food, exercise and emotions.  And now, I let it go.  Yep, I can NOT focus on that because of the emotions it stirs up for me. 

My most difficult challenge has been once the newness wears off, I slid back into old habits. When I FOCUS so intently on the scale, the emotions take over.  That seems to be lessening now.  My scale victories are minimal in comparison to many others, but my emotional and behavioral issues are at the top of my game. 

My Mom told me this weekend, when she saw the Woman’s Day issue, that she is proud of me. Not because of the weight loss journey but because of how much I have changed between my ears!

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