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The Mind's Eye


Why is The Mind’s Eye so much more vivid than any photo or video you can ever take of something or someone? Is it because your Mind’s Eye truly captures that special moment and stores it forever?

According to Wikipedia: The phrase "mind's eye" refers to the human ability for visualization, i.e., for the experiencing of visual mental imagery; in other words, one's ability to "see" things with the mind.

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Who of us doesn’t just love cookbooks? I have about 40 of them in my kitchen, stored in a cabinet. I have no room to have them out on display but I know where they all are!

Some were my mom’s and I cherish those…and the special recipes contained within them. I wish I could have gotten my late mother-in-laws one special cookbook but alas, it was not in the cards. (It was Fanny Farmer – whom else?).

I have ones that were given to me as gifts, ones I picked up while travelling, ones that I got because I love the cook (The Barefoot Contessa, Paula Deen, Tyler Florence), ‘local ones’ produce for charity events, children’s ones, specialized ones (pasta, meat, Hot Shoppes).

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The Little Chair


For about 32 years now I have had this one ‘little chair’. Actually, I have two of them.

Many years ago when my son and daughter were about 4 and 2 years old, we lived in a condo building right around the corner from our house believe it or not. One day, the condo manager was working down in the space under the stairs – this wasn’t our individual storage space, this was sort of a ‘catch all’ area. And she found these two little metal straight chairs with arms, and with a white leatherette seat and back on them.

She knew that we had the two little ones so she gave them to me. I lugged them upstairs, wiped them down and set them up. Well, Todd and Val just loved them. They would sit in them while watching TV, having their snacks, you name it.

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My mom LOVED holidays but she was always busy working to keep the wolf from the door. She was the Executive Assistant to the Commander of the Vermont National Guard so I obviously came by her ‘organizational abilities’ naturally!

I grew up cleaning and tidying and decorating the house and I loved it! I still love doing this type of work. I was the youngest of the three of us and my brother and sister are both much older than me (my brother was 11 years older and my sister was 9 years older).

I belonged to the 4-H. My mom was our leader – we were the “Lucky Clovers”. I will tell you that 4-H is a GREAT organization for building skills and leadership abilities – whether for livestock (which I did not do) or the domestic sciences, it has come in handy over the years. I learned how to cook when I was about 10 and to sew when I was about 11 and have been doing them both ever since.

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“Expanding Your Horizons – Not Your Hips!”


Joy said at the very beginning of the Slimdown that even if we weren’t big into ‘exercise’ that we all really needed to get up and get moving. And she was right! I started off very moderately – just going for a 10 minute walk after I had my 2 glasses of water and before I had my lunch. Then I managed to walk for 15 minutes after a few weeks. Then it was 20 minutes and now I make sure that I get out and walk for at least 30 minutes before I go and have my lunch.

The nice thing about these lunchtime walks is that I get OUT OF THE BUILDING and away from my computer. I work on this huge, beautiful college campus and there are so many things to see here! I would never have noticed most of them if I weren’t out walking around for my daily exercise.

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“My Health and Wellbeing” (or ‘Depends’ versus The Gap)


As you all may know, one of the reasons I entered the WD Slimdown Challenge contest was in hopes that I would be able to get my cholesterol numbers down. Now that I reached my goal weight in early November, I had another blood fasting test and my cholesterol numbers were vastly improved, which delighted myself, my doctor and my daughter the RN.

However, there was another little ‘health issue’ that I was aware of but that I didn’t even really connect with my excess weight I was carrying around. Ladies of a ‘certain age’ will know what I’m talking about – when you sneeze, cough or laugh too hard or too unexpectedly and suddenly, you’re ‘leaking’. Basically you’re peeing your pants. Which is not anyone’s idea of fun. I had this happen to me on more than one occasion and the next thing you know, there I am in the drugstore, stocking up on Depends.

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Has anyone ever had Botox? Have you been happy with the results?

I’m not looking to having a total overhaul and removing every trace of expression from my face – it has taken me 56 years to develop and nourish this face and I cherish it! But what I don’t cherish is my neck. Lord, what on earth happens to our necks as we age? Didn’t someone just write a book about her neck? Ah yes – thank heavens it was Nora Ephron and her new book - "I Feel Bad About My Neck, And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman."

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I am a magazine junkie – I just love magazines. I love books too but there is something about the glossy pages of each and every magazine that just calls to me. Whether I’m at a newsstand at the airport, in Harvard Square, at the grocery store – there are always ‘new’ magazines calling out to me! I think it must run in the blood – my mom always had dozens of magazines on our big round coffee table – she loved them too!

This can get quite costly – have you noticed the rising costs of print publications? But I’ll skimp on something else if I have too.

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"Which Helped More?


When we all were selected for the Woman’s Day Slimdown we each got a free copy of Joy’s book “Your Inner Skinny”. This was like our ‘bible’ for us. I poured over my copy, reading every word, highlighting, tagging, dog-earing, paper clipping and making notes from it.

Especially in Step 1 – when we had to really cleanse our bodies and start relearning healthy eating habits.

Two of the main things Joy talks about always having are water and sugar free gum. Trust me, I drink more water than a camel or so it feels on some days! And when I went out grocery shopping before the Slimdown started I made sure to buy myself a pack of sugar free gum.

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Chapstick & Crunchies


These are the two ‘mainstays’ in my house. I always have Chapstick – they are all over the house – the kitchen by the sink, the family room on my desk, my bathroom, my bedroom, and out in my upstairs hallway.

The crunchies in question are for my pampered cat, Fuzzy (whom you may have seen on my blog before). Crunchies are her favorite food! And not just any crunchies but this prescription dry cat food that is about $20 for a 5 pound bag! I keep the crunchies in a big pour-top storage bin and Fuzzy has crunchy stations all over the house – much like my Chapstick! She has some in the kitchen for the day, some in my workroom (which is also ‘her’ room) and a dish upstairs in the hallway as well.

She does not eat them like a normal cat, she just scoops them out of the dish or bowl with her paw, then moves them to her face and then she is sort of laying in a bed of crunchies while she is eating! It is too funny for words.

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