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“Lola” (Drank Champagne & Danced All Night)


For some reason I have always loved this song by The Kinks. It’s old! But I still love it.

When I hit my goal it was on a Friday (because Weigh In is always on a Friday) and I told my hubby I was going to celebrate that night!

I had a beautiful bottle of ‘pink champagne’ that I had bought before starting the Slimdown and had put aside (chilling of course) until I hit my goal.

So on that night I did my own little version of Lola by The Kinks – we ‘drank champagne and danced all night under electric candlelight’.

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Step 4 - Reveal


OK – I’m now in Step 4 – Reveal and guess what? It’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be!

I hit my 'goal' near the beginning of November but Step 4 has been very challenging! Not the showing off my ‘new’ body because I have my new clothes and everyone at work is just amazed.But learning how to eat to ‘maintain’ the weight loss without losing more weight OR gaining weight has been much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Because the Slimdown and Joy’s program are so structured, when that structure ‘relaxes’ it’s a bit hard to figure out what to do and how to proceed. I’m still drinking my water and eating pretty much at the Step 3 level. Beth, my diet coach from Joy Bauer, did tell me that the reason I was losing weight was due to my working at an ‘energy deficit’ and that now, in order to slow the weight loss I need to slow the ‘energy deficit’ by adding more calories to my diet.


The two options are basically one or two ‘splurge’ meals or desserts per week or to add 100-200 calories a day to my diet. Like having an extra snack or starch with dinner. Beth also encouraged me to keep up with the exercise, as exercise offers so many additional benefits than energy expenditure alone.

I’m still a little nervous though – I feel sometimes that when I have a starch at night that it triggers my ‘eating mechanism’ and I want to keep ON eating, even after I have finished my dinner. So maybe I’ll try and add a snack earlier in the day?

I've been staying right under my goal weight for each Weigh In so far, but always have the jitters before the scale shows my weight!

And I feel sort of ‘alone’ during this Step. It’s a little scary but as Joy says, ‘a bit of fear and apprehension are good deterrents’. So I will continue trying to eat healthy, keep my exercise going and stay positive!

~Kathy Moody

Total pounds lost so far: 35

“What do you expect to happen when you reach Stage 4?”


The Kitchen Sink


Ladies, I don’t know about you but my kitchen sink seems to be the busiest place in the entire house! There is always something going on with it – dishes to be washed, food to be scrubbed, hands to be washed, pans soaking, pasta pots to be filled with water.

My hubby has actually been trying to be ‘better’ about washing up whatever he has cooked his food with as I pointed out that once the kitchen is cleaned up, if you go out and make a large mess, please clean up the large mess!

But what is it about sinks that the second they are empty, you turn your back on them, dry your hands and go ‘OK, that’s done’ and they refill right behind you! Doesn’t seem fair to me.

The one good thing about keeping your hands in the kitchen sink however is that they aren’t just randomly picking up food and nibbling.

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My Lunch Bag


I have made literally thousands of lunches in my life – when you put two kids through 12 years of school, you get really good at making lunches! And to save money my hubby and myself always brown bag our lunches.

For years now I had this wonderful lunch bag – purple with a strap and a compartment on the front you can keep a little freezer pack in. Then when I was selected to start the Slimdown, I realized that my lunch bag was actually a real problem!

Why? Because it is SO BIG. And I have merrily been filling that pretty much to the brim every day for years now. A full size Coke or 16 oz sweetened Snapple iced tea, a big, thick sandwich with lots of meat and cheese, a baggie of chips, a cheese stick, some cookies, some nuts and sometimes a hard boiled egg. Then I would sit and eat the entire contents of my lunch bag and read.

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Attitude & Posture


Now that I’m at my goal weight (and I've been here for over a month) I realized that I needed to work on my posture as well! I always used to stand tall and proud, and then when I was heavy, I was sort of slumpy and sad.

And I hated feeling that way. And feeling sort of ‘second rate’ because my weight no longer conformed to the standards of society at this time.

So I’m giving myself both an attitude adjustment and a refresher course in posture at the same time!

I’m making a conscious effort to stand straight and tall, keep a smile on my face, and a positive outlook on life!

I’ve worked very hard to get this weight off and having been slim, then heavy, and now slim again let me tell you, it makes a huge difference in how people treat you and react to you. I was always used to getting attention for my ‘looks’ (such as they were) when I was younger, then when I was heavy for the past 5 years, I was getting no attention at all, unless it was negative. Now that I’m so slim again everyone at work, everyone I know is just showering me with compliments and praise.

That really makes you think – are we all as kind to each other all the time as we could and should be?

I’m also encountering some negativity as well now that I’m slim, energetic and happy!

But, by keeping my head high, that not only keeps my posture in line, it gives me a whole new attitude!

~Kathy Moody

Total pounds lost so far: 35

“What ‘mental’ adjustments are you making as you slim down?”




I really love my accessories – earrings, necklaces, scarves, belts, brooches, and bracelets. I have an enormous collection of all of the above – but my bracelets are what I really like. I need a better organizer for them in fact!

I have bangle bracelets, I have stretch bracelets, I have wide bracelets, I have bracelets that come in sets and others that I have picked up over the years. Even when the belts didn’t fit me, the bracelets never failed me!

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My Dad


I got to thinking about my father the other day – probably from cooking and eating all these wonderful and natural foods on Joy’s WD Slimdown Challenge plan.

These are the types of foods that I ate as a child growing up – not only did we not have a lot of money but my father was a very ‘holistic’ person. He didn’t care for ‘store boughten’ food or medicine so consequently we made a lot of our own food and he had a remedy for almost every ailment!

So he was actually one of the first ‘organic’ people that I probably ever met – I just didn’t realize it at the time.

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I really love swimming – it is really the only type of exercise that I truly enjoy. And I love the beach and the ocean but I really, really, REALLY love pools!

And it’s strange because although I grew up on the Lamoille River right near the mouth of Lake Champlain up in Northern Vermont, I couldn’t swim worth beans for years!!!

My brother used to say that “I swam like a rock”. Sink instantly to the bottom and start going ‘glub glub glub’. Then, in addition to my natural ‘inability to swim, let’s add in the Red Cross Swimming Lessons – held in Lake Champlain (in Winooski, VT) in early June! Talk about ice water!!! And rocks!!

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For some reason lately I have been having some very strange sleep problems! I always used to be a ‘good’ sleeper – fall asleep easily, sleep through the night and wake up bright and refreshed.

I think menopause was harder on me than I thought it was as that is when my sleep issues started developing – you’re hot, then you’re cold, then vice versa. But I’ve been managing OK – I hate taking any type of ‘sleep aid’ as it just makes me totally groggy for the next two days – even the over the counter types!

Now I’m starting to have more problems falling asleep and seem to be turning into more of a ‘night owl’. Then I’ll be up in the night to pee (probably from all the water I drink during the day) and then I start wandering around. And my cat, Fuzzy, often wakes up and she wants to hang out too. You know it’s bad when you’re Facebooking at 3:30 am!!

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“Vanity, Thy Name is Woman…”


How many times have many of us heard this phrase? Too bad that it is so widespread because it is incorrect! The correct line is “Frailty thy name is woman” and it is from “Hamlet”.

But the point is probably about the same – that women are somehow more shallow and centered on their outer appearance than anything else about themselves.

And to some extent, I do agree. I realize as I have been going through this entire Slimdown Challenge that there are a lot of factors involved in weight – gaining weight, losing weight, doing this with lots of people watching me do it.

I am a bit vain I suppose – I like the way I look now in the mirror, I love going and buying pretty new clothes in much smaller sizes (from Size 16 to Size 6), I like to look nice all the time, I like my new hair style.

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