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I have successfully made it through working the first weekend of the State Fair of Louisiana without temptation! I am so proud of myself. Now to make it through this week and next week and the temptation will be gone. YAY!


This week I have a jam packed schedule. Monday, I was in and out of meetings all day so the work on my desk piled up, of course. Today I started my morning off with a cameo appearance as the Diet SOS caller on the Today Show with Joy Bauer. Work and meetings all day, Zumba tonight and hopefully 7-8 hours of sleep. Wednesday, I meet with AJ, my wonderful trainer, at the local NBC affiliate to do a story about us on dieting and fitness at 6am. Then to work for the better part of the day. Somewhere in the afternoon, I meet with Quinn Echols, local businessman and DJ, for a spot on his radio show KDKS and The Beat. After that I have training with AJ, and once again, hopefully a good night's rest. Thursday and Friday, I work my office job during the day and the State Fair in the evening and follow through the weekend at the fair as well. Can we say BUSY!!!! LOL!

My eating habits are going pretty good with only a mishap here and there as I indulge. Exercise is kicking my butt, but it is no where near what it was 2 months ago. I do want inform everyone that I hit my "dirty thirty" last Friday on weigh-in! I was surprised and happy all at the same time. Now comes the hardest part of working towards short weekly goals until I reach my next anchor mark of 60 pounds!

For all of you who didn't get to catch the Today Show this morning, I have embedded the clip for your enjoyment! Hope everyone is well and on their way to a happy "FIT"!

Until next time ~

Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds Lost Thus Far: 32



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Ohhhhh, BERTHA…How do I LOVE to HATE thee…let me count the ways!

As I am sure you are asking, “Who is Bertha and why do you hate her?” Let me just explain…


After having 2 days off from the gym, I excitingly showed back up for yet another intense session at Anytime Fitness South Bossier. Little to my knowledge, AJ, my trainer, was introducing me to my new 25lb “ebony & ivory” leather best friend…BERTHA.

Bertha, as this grueling ball has become known as, is intense to say the least! AJ had me do several different exercises such as: “down & unders” – this where I cradle the ball under both arms in front of me and walk in a lunge, criss-crossed, under an imaginary rope. After the first few, you feel the intensity in your lower back and arms. Next he showed me “good mornings” – this is where I squat and pick up “Bertha” and then do a continuing knee-to-elbow squat. I suppose I did 20-30 squats in a row before I was completely out of breath. Then of course, my original gym bestie…the step!

After learning to walk around with Bertha, I realized exactly what AJ was trying to impress upon me…this 25 pound ball is just shy of what I was carrying on my “physical self” during my first session with him several weeks ago. OMG! I cannot believe how far I have come in this short time. During my first session, Johnny (my hubby) and AJ had to help me, along with the assistance of a pole for leverage, complete an infantile move such as a lunge. Now, I’m lugging that extra weight around in the form of “Bertha” and using it to my advantage. As we finished our session, AJ set up an obstacle course with several of the recent things I have learned. I started with the jump rope, then 25 jumping jacks. Then I did squats and ball slams, and finished up with “good mornings with Bertha” and of course, that vile step! Success!

Tonight I go to Zumba, and then train again tomorrow night. This week I start working my extra job at the Sate Fair of Louisiana, so finding time to work-out and eat healthy will be a challenge, but since its almost second nature now, I am sure I will do fine!

Also I would like to mention that I will be on the Today Show next week with Joy Bauer via SKYPE with a nutrition/fitness/health question. (Tuesday, October 26th, so make sure you tune in!) AND…AJ was informed today by Anytime Fitness Corporate, that they would like to feature us in their nationally recognized magazine next month. The Anytime Fitness Success Pack, will talk about AJ as the wonderful trainer that he is and feature me as one of his fabulous success stories! I am also told they will have pics of us and follow my blogs as well! This is all so very exciting!

Until next time ~

Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds Lost Thus Far: 27.0



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Let's face it, working out can be healthy, rewarding and beneficial. Working out can be lots of things, but it's never been known to be an exhilarating experience…UNTIL NOW!

The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got a Zumba class!

Celebrity fitness trainer, "Beto" Perez, stumbled upon the concept of Latin-inspired dance-fitness in his native Cali, Colombia in the mid-‘90s. One day, he walked into his aerobics class and realized he had forgotten his aerobics music. Thinking quickly, he grabbed whatever tapes he had in his backpack. Beto's tapes were comprised of songs he loved, the traditional Latin salsa and merengue music he listened to all his life. But it was a challenge to improvise a whole class on the spot using non-traditional aerobics music. Beto rose to the challenge and from this last-minute improvisation a revolutionary new concept in fitness was born – the Zumba Fitness-Party! The class soon became the most popular class at his fitness facility.

I am here to tell you that I LOVE IT! (Zumba, that is) I have been wanting to go to a class for a while and it just so happens that the Anytime Fitness of South Bossier offers a class 2 times a week. Tuesday night classes are at 7:30pm and Thursday night classes are at 5:30pm, and they are each an hour long. The class instructor is Katie Ours and she is AWESOME! Zumba Katie

During my first visit, at felt right at home. I made it through the first dance, but I was completely winded. (Callie videoed me, and it is hilarious!) Little by little, I caught on to the foot movement. Katie says get the feet first, and then incorporate the arms and hips. That’s just what I did. I attended my second class this past Thursday and made it through the entire class without stopping! I was so proud of me. (And I actually learned the steps too!)

Our class is compiled of several ladies, ranging in age and personality…but everyone is there for the same reason…fun fitness! Zumba I have not seen a male in our class as of yet, but the info-mercials I have seen on TV have men and the creator is a man too!

This week has gone by quickly. Next week I go for all my doctor appointment check-ups. Then the State Fair of Louisiana starts next weekend and our busy season begins. I am somewhat nervous about the fair because every year I work there I must have a state fair corny dog. I may indulge myself, so that I’m not depressed about not getting one, I just may not eat the whole thing. If there is one thing I have learned on this program, watch what you eat and the portion size you serve yourself. Sometimes you should indulge so you feel good about what you have accomplished…eventually the “want” to indulge will disappear and you will be better for it! I’m living proof!

Unhappily I must report a slight gain this week of 1.7 pounds. Fortunately, I know that there will up and downs throughout this program, some due to “mother nature” and others due to life and its own stresses. Hopefully by next Friday, I will be at my 30 pound mark!

I want to end today with a super thanks to all of my “fans” (LOL!) and supporters. I am truly blessed to have a great family, wonderful friends and awesome support! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Until next time ~

Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds Lost Thus Far: 27.0



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*****WARNING*****Before you read my blog today, please be forewarned…I need to get some stuff off my chest and I may get a little “TMI“…*****READ BEFORE CONTINUING*****

Let me just start off by saying I had a wonderfully liberating weekend. Nothing special really, just a little more self-realization. After our last conference call with Joy Bauer and Women‘s Day magazine, I felt ashamed. Ashamed of myself for not giving ME a little more credit. I am doing what I want to do. What at first, I thought would fix my marriage…make me more desirable and more loved, has shown me something even better. I have for at least the last 5 or 6 years (and probably more) hidden myself from me. In and out of slight depression, a lowered self esteem or no confidence to speak of, I was always able to put a smile on and go; whether it was real or fake. Somewhere in there, I made everything but me a priority.

It’s Monday night, and I am just home from work and a grueling session with AJ, my trainer. We did HIT training again, this time focusing on my shoulders. Which means I have successfully learned how to do quad extensions (leg HIT training on Sunday), shoulder press stuff with lateral raises (shoulder / arm HIT training today) and ***blow the trumpet please***…JUMP ROPE! WOW…I haven’t done that since 4th grade. It was fun!

I have relaxed, made small talk with my husband and then enjoyed a thought provoking shower; until I finally made it to the computer. As I enjoy my one glass of Moscoto with my skinny salad and salmon, I feel the need to express myself.

While I was taking my shower tonight, I began noticing different things about myself. Over the years I have become somewhat immune to the relaxation part of a shower. Don’t get me wrong, I do have nights where I light the candles and just stand there allowing the water to drench my body. But tonight somehow was different. As the candles flickered in the dark, I felt the warm water wash the stresses of life down the drain. I felt it again…success. Maybe it had something to do with the weather today. (Our first rain in a while) Possibly my not-so-average work day or my awesome work out. Or maybe the fresh season coming into the area. Or maybe, just maybe…it’s me.

I raised my left leg with slight discomfort (pain wise) and shaved. I raised my right leg, slightly more uncomfortable and shaved. And then at that moment, I thought how easy it was to raise them. Then I realized how much less “muffin-top” there was of me. As I was washing, I really started to re-discover my body. I have horrible stretch marks from my pregnancy years ago, that I am sure have multiplied themselves as my stomach grew with fat, but they are slightly diminishing. I maneuvered myself around the shower so easily. In fact, I am moving around with more energy and enthusiasm now than I have in a very long time. I am slowly shrinking. In a good way.

I think I have done very well since starting the WD Slimdown Project with Joy Bauer. I have shed 28.7 pounds of extra me. I am learning new eating habits, new exercise habits and an all-around new lifestyle. I am learning me again. I am learning confidence. I am re-learning how to love. I suppose eventually I will have to stop using my favorite saying…”I am vertically challenged and horizontally enhanced”. (Which is more than fine by me!!! LOL!)

At first I thought that this project would just make me skinny if I followed it. But now I see it’s not just about being “skinny”. Although I do look forward to that day, this project is so much more than that to me. It has brought me into reality. DO…or DIE, literally. My family medical history is inundated negatives. For example, renal cell cancer, took my father and my paternal grandmother. (it is hereditary) CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) claimed my paw-paw. My father also had diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. I currently have PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and borderline diabetes. The project has also brought incredible people into my life. People I may have never met, had I not taken the initiative to try something out-of-the-box.

I suppose I didn’t get too personal, but I did get what I needed to say off my chest. (or most of it at least, there‘s always more) I know I am worth it all…I know I can and will do this. I know more than anything that I want it, need it and WILL have it. What is IT? SUCCESS…on this project, in life and it will last for a lifetime!

Until next time ~

Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds Lost Thus Far: 28.7



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Another week down and another 2.3 pounds gone! That makes a total of 28.7 pounds, 3.6% body fat and almost 12 inches total off! YAY me!

It has been a busy week for my family and I am thankful that Homecoming has come and gone for my son Dakota. It is a nice day out today and I have a full day planned ahead. I slept in until 8(ish) and hit the ground running. We started off at the tire shop for my hubby’s tires, then I came to work, while they went to play ball.

This past week we had our conference call with Joy Bauer and I came away feeling 200% better than before. You know the feeling that when you are fat for so long, and have come to expect people to treat or look at you differently or judge you because of your size…well, I am/was there. My self esteem and confidence has been up and down like a roller coaster for a while now, I suppose. I took what I learned from the conference call and my homework (from Joy) and started to rebuild me…emotionally. I have gone through my closets, picked out some things I haven’t worn in a while and discovered that I have really actually lost some weight. I know the numbers are there, but I haven’t been able to really feel the loss other than energy wise.

I did an “exercise” for myself…for my emotional self...and learned a few things about me. I stood in front of a mirror…NAKED! I poked and prodded at myself, I smiled and then I cried. I see what I am, and what I don’t want to be. I promised myself, my heart and my body, that I am worth doing better. I am beautiful, genuine, loving and honest on the inside. I saw where my beauty has been hidden by bad food choices and lack of exercise all over my body. I am well on my way to matching the outside of me, to the inside of me.

I think for this week coming, I may start over on Step One – just to reprove to myself that I know what I’m doing, where I’m going and how I can get to where I want to be. I love salad and that is a main dish in the first step for me. Kind of like a detoxification for your body. Exercise is going well, in fact, when I leave work, I am going to the gym to get some Cardio in and then a mani/pedi then home to cook for our dinner party tonight.

Hopefully this week will bring an abundance of blessings to me, my family and friends and of course to each of you!

Ohhh, I almost forgot…I went shopping! I have been trying avoid clothes shopping for myself for fear of what size I may actually be or not be in… but I needed a pick-me-up, so I went! I only spent a few dollars and found that I am down almost 2 full dress sizes. I found some really cute capri’s on sale bought them! When I finally decided to wear them this week, the first thing my husband said to me is “Hey Sexy”…that’s all I needed to keep going!

Until next time ~

~ Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds lost thus far: 28.7



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Today is great day. I woke up, planted my feet firmly on the ground, I took a deep breath and the devil screamed…”Oh, crap…She’s up!”

I want to keep things kind of light today. The breeze is blowing, the sun is shining and I am in this world for a reason. There is a reason for every season, and I’m gonna make this season mine!

I am happy to report another loss from our last weigh in on October 1st… (drum roll please) 1.8 pounds! YAY me! That makes a total of 26.4 to date and still kickin’. I know that my change in habits and diet have increased my weight loss to date, but I think the exercise, that I have come to love, has had even more of an impact. There are some days I can barely walk after training and some days that I have so much energy afterwards, that I go home and do even more cardio. I have learned that just by getting my heart rate up, I can burn fat and calories while doing everyday things.


This week, AJ (my trainer) started me on HIT training. When he told me last week, that we were going to start HIT, I assumed it meant boxing or something…but nnnooooooo…HIT stands for High Intensity Training. HIT means that we will concentrate on one particular muscle group in a session; my first session was the upper body. We started off with the ‘step’ (yes, the same vile step) and then alternated with push-ups. AJ said I did the equivalent of 100 push-ups in one session. I was flabbergasted! I couldn’t even complete a simple lunge or squat 6 weeks ago without help, and now I can successfully do push-ups? Are you serious? But wait, it just gets better! I did arm weights on the Chest Fly Machine and I also did bench pressing! WOW! When Dakota and Johnny (my son and hubby) would talk about how much they could bench and lift and whatever, I always kind of tuned them out like it was ‘guy talk’. But when I got home Sunday, I couldn’t wait to share that I did it too. I am no where near where they are, but I have taken the first step and gotten started! (I am so excited while I am writing this that my thoughts are coming out faster than I can type.) Monday’s session was strictly cardio with my assistant trainers Christine and Callie. I did a 30 minute session, split into 10 minute intervals on the elliptical, treadmill and bike. The elliptical and treadmill were pretty basic and then I got on the bike. I thought it was the coolest because it’s almost like a video game. There is a screen on it similar to a TV that has different characters riding their bikes. I think I was intrigued by it so much because I could pedal faster and pass the others or just run into them and knock them over…very challenging! Callie Callie and Christine stood by me the entire session pushing and chanting…”You can do it!”


Today is Tuesday, and we have our conference call at 6:15 est with Joy Bauer. I wasn’t able to make the last call, so I am very excited that I will be able to participate in this one. Tonight I have Zumba class and tomorrow is HIT training again. This week is Homecoming for my son, so Thursday will be a quick cardio session and then Friday night football. Go Cowboys! (Not Dallas, sorry Romo fans, I’m strictly a Southwood High School Cowboy fan) Friday is weigh-in again, and hopefully I will be able to report another small loss that will ultimately add up to the big number at the end!

Until next time ~

~ Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds lost thus far: 26.4



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We are now ending the month of September and Fall is among us! Wow! This year has flown by. It seems like only yesterday, we were bringing in the New Year at a local casino and screaming the count down as balloons and confetti covered us in that celebratory kiss…


The coming season also brings in extra busyness for our family every year which adds additional stress. Combine my daily work life with my awesome new job, home life with a new husband and hormonal teenage son and my newfound healthy habits with the Joy Bauer Slimdown project and we have just begun.

This time of year brings the Louisiana State Fair to Shreveport, which my husband and I work every year. It is so much fun to see the potpourri of people that come through the fair ground gates. After three weeks of fair-going, then there is my favorite son Dakota’s birthday (he is my only son for those that don’t know). He will be 17 this year and full of himself! LOL! Mix those things with Halloween, Thanksgiving, my 1st wedding anniversary, Christmas and New Years and we have finished out 2010. This is not counting all of the decorating houses and offices, cooking, eating and exercising…and lets never leave out my favorite pastime, shopping! (I am one of those crazy people out at 3 am on black Friday looking for the best deal…my philosophy is, if you save at one store, you have more to spend at the next one!)

This past weekend, my mom and I made Homecoming mums for my son’s high school Homecoming which is next week. Of course we made his girlfriend's extra special and made sure she had it before she moved away. Diamind mum My mom is so creative and talented with many different crafty things. I only pray that I have inherited some of her creativity. We also have a craft show sometime in November to schedule where we make wreaths and home décor for the holiday season.

I must confess to my followers, I have CHEATED!!!! I know my body has gotten used to eating healthy, but I fell short on time and energy this week. Tuesday night, we ate at my husband’s “other favorite red-head’s” food joint, Wendy’s, where I devoured a cheeseburger and fries. Burger This was the first I have eaten red meat in over 6 weeks and my body felt it almost immediately! I realize my slip up and hope that my divorce from fast food continues strong from here on out.

Exercising is going well. After missing an entire week from mine and AJ’s yuck last week, my body definitely felt the beating he put on me when we started back. Yesterday, he made a deal with me to put in an extra 2 days a week of cardio at the gym, blog regularly and he will reward me generously on October 31st! Totally excited about that! I have met so many awesome people at Anytime Fitness and can feel the camaraderie every time I walk through the door. Thanks for all the support guys!

Thus far I have lost a total of 24.6 pounds and still working off more! Here’s to a skinnier me ~ until next time!

~ Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds lost thus far ~ 24.6



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This week has been an incredibly stressful week for me. But through all of it, I have still somehow stuck with my new habits. Flanked by my son’s heartache, our god-daughter moving away, a new job and newly-wed pressures/issues, life has become a world-wind of instances. Top all of that off with a nasty little virus floating around this area and you just described the last 7 days of my existence.

Lisa prissy (2)

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is always going to be some sort of issue in anyone’s life these days. If it’s not work, then it may be school. If it’s not spousal, then it may be kids. Then top any issue with the economy and there you have it. Every little thing that happens in life happens for a reason. Sometimes you just have to take the basket of lemons life brought you and make your own lemonade. Life is a series of choices. A big combination of moments. Little ones that add up to big ones that eventually create who you are. Don’t let others make decisions for you. Know your body, know what YOU want, and make that decision.

I remember when I was little and would always imagine what my future would be like. (My wedding day, my husband, all of my kids, my successful career, etc). My family has always called me “Queen Bee”, because I was always the high-maintenance of us three kids. Always the one into something…cheer, clothes, shopping…boys. (LOL) I have now realized all of my thoughts as a young girl can be more than just that…I can make my dreams a reality. All I have to do is make that decision.

Lil lisa

I must confess, because of the mysterious virus we are all sharing, I have missed a full weeks worth of gym time. I feel awful! Not in the literal sense, but in the sense of I know something is missing. I am so geared up to be back in the gym this weekend. If I do nothing else but use all of my anger, frustration, stress, etc on that vile step…then I think I’ll feel better.

Ending on a good note, no, great note…I have lost another 10.2 pounds this week. (A little extra I am sure due to the virus) I think I am actually starting to recognize it a little in my clothing. Good thing about that is I am able to fit into things I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing in a while. I got to the point where I only wanted to wear stretchy pants and t-shirts all of the time. Now, nothin’ but stilettos! I will be even happier when I can shop for a few new things and give a lot of my current wardrobe to the local women’s shelter.

Here’s to stepping…until next time ~

~ Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds lost thus far: 24.6



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Well, here's to another week down and surpassing the one month mark on the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer. I must say that I never imagined that I would be where I am at this point in my life. Fortunately for me, I am exactly where I should be and well on my way to a better me...

Since my last blog, we have had another weigh-in and I am proud to report another 3.8 pounds gone! YAY me! This makes my total loss thus far at 14.4 pounds!


Today I wanna talk about young love and heartache. This past weekend my son Dakota was informed that his girlfriend and first love (albeit puppy love) is moving out of state to New Mexico. We were told it was a definite possibility a few weeks ago however, I suspect we didn't expect it to be so soon. Diamond (Kota's girlfriend) is a young, intelligent and very pretty young Christian lady who has won over the hearts of our entire family, especially my Kota. Her father, a pastor, has accepted an offer from a church in New Mexico that will benefit their family immensely.

So this is how our Saturday ended up... we all slept in after a late night football game and planned to do school projects and clean house all day as a family. About 11ish Diamond called the house phone (which is a rarity, they usually talk on their cell phones). I suppose I should have suspected something then. She sounded solemn, almost not there. I thought maybe she just didn't feel well. I called Kota to the phone and he didn't even recognize her voice. The next thing I hear is a loud thump, and moaning. I jumped up, ran to his room to find my baby on the floor, bellowed over in complete agony. I didn't know what had happened. By the time I was able to get a word in (between the crying and moaning) he said, "She's leaving Momma!" I didn't know what to say at that instant. My heart dropped as tears rolled down my face. (As I write this it hurts all over again, and tears are still flowing...) All I could feel was the heartache I felt 17 years ago with his father. I couldn't even stand there and console him at that very moment. I didn't know what to say, do or anything. I went back to the living room and explained things to Johnny (my hubby). Together we called Dakota into the living room for a family chat. He was still on the phone with Diamond, and her parents, as concerned as we all were, they (her parents) asked if we could all get together that afternoon and spend some time with each other. I felt compelled to show whatever support I could, just as my parents did so many years ago. The plan: Boardwalk at 6, with dinner and shopping.

After we set the date, Dakota decided to lie down and calm his nerves while I went to the bedroom to call my mom. Before I could get a "hello" in, she asked, "did Diamond call?" "OMG! Are you serious? How did you know?", I exclaimed! She explained that Diamond had called her house in tears after her parents told her of the impending move. "Is Dakota okay?", she asked. I explained everything from the beginning. I was in utter tears myself. My heart was hurting for my baby. I composed myself, finished talking with my mom and got ready for date night with Johnny and the kids.

Top all of this off with finding out that our Goddaughter A'Niya, Aniya (who lives right next door to us), is moving to Dallas too! So we of course had her with us Saturday night. I love her so much. Makes my "baby-itis" inflame! LOL!

I suppose after enjoying the evening out, spending time with my family and some friends (Jimmy and Leron, Johnny's cousin & wife, met us at the Boardwalk) things calmed a little. We still are unsure of when all of this will take place, but knowing the time is coming is hard enough. I can remember how heartbreak feels...I know that I was in love with Dakota's father when I was his age. I know that time will heal his heart. I also know that what GOD intends, cannot be obstructed. If their is true love...God sent love...regardless if it is young love, HE will see them through.

Quick note on training...it's WORKING! UGH! LOL!

Until next time ~

~ Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds Lost Thus Far: 14.4



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Today marks one full month since we started the WD Slimdown Project with Joy Bauer and I think I am starting to really get the “healthy habit” down. Just think, last month I was about 10+ pounds heavier and unhappy. I didn’t really know what exercise was, much less how to / what to do with it, or worse, how it could benefit me. Today…I feel GOOD!

For those of you who are following my blogs (or any of the other Slimdown Bloggers), then you may already know as a condition of the program, we must blog twice weekly and weigh-in every Friday and then send in our “official weight” to WD. Which means tomorrow is weigh-in and for once, I’m not nervous. I have had a pretty productive week. I am finally getting settled into my new office and work is piling on like crazy.

Yesterday, AJ (my trainer) took me to his health food store (The Perfect Blend) Perfect blend store front to get me set up on vitamins. Now, if you haven’t figured me out by now…I haven’t taken vitamins in a very long time (along with exercise and eating healthy). However, I have been instructed by AJ, Jamie (my Coach), Dr. Woods (my Doc) and my Momma, that vitamins are an essential part of a woman’s health. I was unsure about the reasoning behind and difference between all of the available types and brands. So as I strutted into TPB in my stilettos and fav dress of the week yesterday, I was eagerly greeted by the sole salesperson, Robby, with a plethora of information. I didn’t realize there were SO many availabilities in supplements. Perfect blend vitamins I know that TPB carries well over 80 different types of vitamins, minerals, herbs and joint health omegas…that doesn’t include the yogurts and smoothies they have too! I experienced my first “Papa Smurf” smoothie and thought I was in Heaven! It’s made with fat free frozen yogurt, vanilla protein blend, blueberries and honey. Perfect blend yogart Can you say yuummmmmm! Well, by the time I left the shop, I was loaded up with a woman’s multi-vitamin and Omega-3 fish oil, and of course, my Papa Smurf!

Exercising is going great. Every time we meet, I have a little more endurance and enthusiasm. It’s hard not to be happy around AJ. Don’t get me wrong…I DO cuss him here and there (along with that vile step), but overall, he’s a great guy and I know he has my best interest in mind.


So, has anyone else been in the dark about vitamins and their importance to our bodies? Do you take any? I’m very interested in knowing what everyone else takes and their opinions on what’s available vs. what’s really necessary…until next time ~

Perfect Blend Lisa & AJ

~ Lisa Quinn Harris

Pounds Lost Thus Far: 10.6

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