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One day at a time...

One week later, and a whole lot better. I flew to my Mom's house, in New Orleans, this past weekend and it was a much deserved rest. The girls' dad drove from Texas and took them out for a day, and they got to spend some time with their uncle and pa-pa. I talked a lot with my dad, mom, and some friends about everything that was going on in my world. Their advice was much needed.

I go to school in December. I'm changing my job to broadcaster, so I'm really excited. My cousin will be moving in with me in November. She'll be at the house to help with the girls while I'm going to school. I found out that I can go anywhere in this world, but I can't stay in Virginia. Thinking about moving Overseas; looking at Japan, Europe, or Alaska. Just came back from seven years in Germany about a year ago, so I don't mind the distance too much.

So I'm back on track and I'm ready for next week. Did some light food shopping yesterday. Got some grilled chicken, ground turkey, two gallons of fat free milk (kids go through it like its water), eggs, and some snacks for the girls. Going to get some menu specific items this weekend. I still feel overwhelmed every once in a while, but it's looking better day by day.

Even if there isn't a direct resolution, does talking about it help?

--Nicole Watkins


When the world is too much....to eat or not

WD-blogicon-75x110-nicolewatkins     Welcome to an introduction into my crazy life.  I'm sure after some of you start reading some of my post, you may be able to pinpoint how the weight gain happened.  In fact, you'll probably wonder why I'm not morbidly obese by now, with the 150lbs of stress I'm carrying on my back.  Right now I'm running away from home for a few days so I can regroup.  The girls are with me too, but at least I'll have some help.          

    This hasn't been a great week at all. Last week I I was the sole witness to testify in a Court Martial, I've been having extreme relationship problems; separated from my husband right now.  I've also been scrambling to get a class date so I can start retraining for a new job, while also trying to find live in childcare for my girls for while I'm retraining since I'll be a couple of hours away and they won't be able to come with me.

    To say the least, I'm not mentally "there" yet!  My mom seems to think I'm mental.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but lately I just haven't had any kind of appetite.  Understandably; I'm going through a crisis here, but I haven't had the urge to just binge away or anything.  Actually; I'm not eating enough.  So maybe the crisis is a good thing.

-Nicole Watkins

How do you keep the stress in your life from affecting your eating habits? 



Thunder Thighs and Hippo Hips

WD-blogicon-75x110-nicolewatkins My name is Nicole and I’m a SGT in the US Army. I’m also a single mother of two girls, ages 7 and 9. I’m stationed at Fort Eustis, VA (outside of Newport News, VA), and reside in Gloucester. Right now I’m around 195 lbs. I would of never thought that I would ever be this big in my life. Guess I can say that I carry my weight pretty evenly all over my body, but still...actually saying that I’m 5 lbs shy of 200 lbs is horrifying!

I think that may actually qualify me as being borderline obese…if not obese itself. I’m 5’7’’, which gives me a weight limit of 163 lbs in the Army for my age; an allowable body fat of 32%. I used to look at overweight people and wonder how they let themselves get that way. When I used to hear people say that it just happened, I used to inwardly shake my head in disgust. Now that I’m in this position myself; I can honestly say that one day I woke up and I was tipping the skills towards 200lbs.

The funny thing is that as a child and young woman, I always had problems with my body. I always thought I was overweight, but was actually nowhere close...

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