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We are now 46 days away from Z100'S Jingle 2010. I'm counting down to the show by blogging about my efforts to get into shape in time for the show. So avoiding temptation is a plus for me. So why did I walk into the station & see this?!


A basket full of candy, just in time for Halloween this weekend! And sadly, I LOVE most of this candy...Snickers, Twix, Whoppers! Boy, I haven't had Whoppers in years & years! I could do without the Milky Way though. But I had to walk away from the basket & not eat ANY of it! And I'm a chocoholic, so you know that was difficult for me to do!

WD Mag Cover
Me in WD Mag

Anyway...I had a really good workout with my trainer this morning & am set to meet up with him again Wednesday & Friday. I'm gonna also strive to do some cardio by myself on Tuesday & Thursday. I hung out with my friend Kwame yesterday & he told me he could see the difference in my body. It's always nice when you've been working out pretty hard & then someone notices the changes in your body. Oh, I finally picked up my copy of the November issue of Woman's Day Magazine. I'm in this month's issue talking about my goals on the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer. Be sure to pick up your copy!


Pounds lost so far: 11.3 pounds

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Really good week! I lost another 1.2 pounds, bringing my weight loss so far on the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer to 11.3 pounds! I really have to thank Woman's Day Magazine & Joy Bauer for helping me to improve my health & my life! We're on the Slimdown 'til January 1st, so more good news to come from me & the rest of the Slimdowners! I also wanna send a big thank you to J. Travis & my Trainer David Munoz @ the New York Health & Racquet Club. I had 3 solid workouts with David this week. So while I'm improving my eating habits on the Slimdown, I'm strengthening & improving my body at the New York Health & Racquet Club. It's all coming together!

Did you get a chance to watch me on the "Today Show" earlier this week? If not (or if you just wanna see it again) I've included the video below! It's of me Skyping in to the Today Show & asking Joy Bauer a question during her "Diet S.O.S." segment. Big shout out to my fellow Texan Tamron Hall who hosted the segment! Check out the video below:




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My brother Stacey called me last night before work just to say hi. We got on the subject of weight loss because he's been on a weight loss mission too. I asked him how much weight he's lost since he started trying back in August & he told me 35 pounds! I was so very proud of him, but very disappointed in myself at the same time. He & I started our weight loss journeys around the same time, but he's lost 35 pounds & I've only lost 10. I know I shouldn't be hard on myself because there are so many different variables that come into play here: He's a man & they lose weight so much faster than women. They don't have the monthly bloating problems that we have & pounds just seem to melt off of them much quicker. He's also a Physical Education Teacher, so he's more active than I am.

And I can't forget what a huge part my work & sleep schedule (or lack thereof) play in my slow weight loss. Joy Bauer's "Your Inner Skinny: Four Steps To Thin Forever" is a perfect weight loss book. My problem is that I don't always follow the plan to the T 100% because of my schedule. For instance, it's close to 3pm & I've only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast so far because I've been sleep the whole day after working all night & going to the gym afterwards. I actually should still be asleep, but I wanted to get my blog done. So I'm debating on whether or not to eat a quick lunch before I head back to sleep...if I can fall back to sleep. The last couple of weeks, I was extremely busy & was extremely guilty of only eating one time each day...and that was late at night around 10 or 11pm. I know it's wrong because when your body doesn't get the proper nutrition, it starts storing away whatever food it can get as fat. I just really didn't have the time needed to prepare my meals & pack them. I've got to do better.

So as a result of my bad track record the last couple of weeks & because I felt disappointed in my slow progress, I was very down this morning as I headed to the gym to meet my trainer. I normally try to keep a positive attitude because I know I'm not in a race or a competition. I'm in this to be healthier, not to reach a certain amount of pounds by a certain time. But this morning, I sat in the locker room & couldn't stop myself from crying because adjusting to better eating habits & workout habits can be so difficult for me at times. I didn't want to go into my workout feeling down, so I read some scripture & prayed for positivity & strength. My trainer also gave me a good pep talk. After our workout was over, I thanked him for making me feel better, but he said that I actually made myself feel better & that he was proud of me for such a good workout today. So what started out as a sad morning for me, ended up being a really positive, good & productive one. The weight loss may be slower for me than it is for others, but I'm doing the honest work that it takes for me to improve my health. I have to remember that & stay strong. Every now & then, you gotta cry though...

Before I end this post, I wanted to show you the Lady Antebellum performance that I promised you Friday. I filmed this video at the Musicians On Call charity event last Wednesday:

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Happy Friday! Just stepped on the scale & found out that I'm finally over the 10 pounds lost mark...yay me! The pounds are coming off slowly...but surely! I have to remind myself that I'm not in a race or a competition. The goal of the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer is to promote a healthy lifestyle! Speaking of Joy, I'll be Skyping in to ask her a healthy eating question on the Today Show this coming Tuesday, the 19th. Be sure to tune in!

I've had a pretty busy, but fun week! I went to see Lady Antebellum at City Winery in Manhattan. The show was a benefit for Musicians on Call, a charity that brings music to bedsides of patients. It's a wonderful cause because we all know that music heals! I captured some of the performance on my FlipCam & will try to share that with you next week. I also appeared on CNN Headline News' "Showbiz Tonight" to talk celebrity gossip with A.J. Hammer & Brooke Anderson! Here are some of the pics:

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Johannah with Joy Bauer Nutrition took the time to gather our Nutrition Coaches' exercise advice for us Slimdowners. I wanted to share it with you, hope they're helpful:

Tips from Courtney   -Finding time to squeeze exercise into their busy schedules • Make exercise a priority.  Put it in your schedule.  You wouldn't go to bed without brushing your teeth so don't go to bed without getting some physical activity in your day. • Walk on a treadmill during your favorite TV shows.  Do exercises from Joy's book during commercials or better yet during the entire show. • Get the whole family involved - spend family time doing physical activities like jumping rope, playing basketball or soccer.  You don't know how to play, just move around! • Walk the dog; the dog will be happier for it too and probably better behaved. • Does your home have two levels?  Go up and down your stairs 5 or more times to get your heart rate up. • Clean the house for an hour straight without sitting down and taking breaks.   -Finding ways to stay motivated • Call a friend or exercise buddy. • Connect with someone who is motivated and maybe they can help you get back on track. • Think of how good it will be when you finally hit your goals! • Realize there are only speed-bumps not dead ends in your road to weight loss success.  Assess each speed-bump (what caused it and how can you prevent it in the future) and move on. • Read something inspiring. • Listen to music that makes you feel energized and motivated. • Positive self talk! • Speak with your nutrition coach and don't be afraid to ask questions.   -Finding ways to exercise that fit within their budget (can’t afford trainers, gym membership, etc.) • Pace while talking on the phone.  Call a friend who you don't get to connect with much and pace around the house and up and down the stairs while you chat. • Find exercises you enjoy and can do in the comfort of your own home. • Try exercise videos. • Do your kids have a wii?  Try out the wii fit. • Walk the dog. • Go to the park with your family or a friend. • Does your local school have a track that is open to the public?  Some do. • Ride your bike. • Dance while you cook dinner. • Speed clean your house.




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Well, I just got off the scale & wasn't surprised at all that I've only lost 6 ounces this week. I'm not upset about it though because I had such an off week. Proper sleep is so important to good health & weight loss. I didn't get much sleep this week. In fact, I had to cancel my session with my trainer this morning because I was running on fumes. So my goal this weekend is to catch up on my sleep. I think I also may do a quick cleanse this weekend before jumping back on the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer. By this time next week, I fully expect to have reached that 10 pounds lost mark.


Not sure if you read my bio, but I'm a Radio Personality. I can be heard on stations all over the country, but I'm based in New York City at a station I've had the honor of working at for 9 years, Z100. Every year, we have THE most fabulous concert called Z100's Jingle Ball. It's always the most exciting time of the year for me! It's so funny because all the women at the station start really early trying to come up with our "look" for the concert. For instance, the concert's not until December 10th, but I'm already thinking about what outfit I'll wear, how I'm gonna wear my hair, what my makeup's gonna look like & what kind of shoes to wear to look fabulous, but still be comfortable! I don't think our male co-workers put that much emphasis into the whole process this early in the game, lol. But, girls will be girls!

So starting this Sunday (October 10th), I'm starting my 61 Day Countdown to Z100's Jingle Ball! Not only will I be thinking about all the things I mentioned earlier, but I'll be super-focused on sticking to Joy Bauer's weight loss plan & following it precisely. I'll make sure I put an emphasis on getting the proper sleep so that I have enough energy to workout with my trainer twice a week & do at least 30 minutes of cardio on the days I'm not with the trainer. I hesitate to put a number on how much I want to--or think I can--lose by December 10th. I hesitate because as I get older, I notice that I don't lose weight as quickly as I use to. If this were 5 years ago & I was doing all the things I'm currently doing to lose weight, I would have lost lots more weight by now. I also feel very strongly that I'm not in a race to lose weight. It's not a race, but a mission to get to a healthier me. Feeling good & growing older gracefully are far more important to me than how fast I lose pounds. So all that said, I figure if I work diligently enough, I could lose around 20 pounds by Z100's Jingle Ball. I'm not promising that, but I do plan on working hard. I'll be blogging here on Woman's Day's website about my 61 Day Countdown to Z100's Jingle Ball twice a week. I'll also be blogging about the Countdown daily on my Z100 blog, so be sure to bookmark it & check back regularly to keep up with me on the days I don't blog on Woman's Day's site. Click here: SHELLEY WADE'S Z100 BLOG

Btw, did you hear that Kirstie Alley has lost 50 pounds?! Click through to see her new picture!




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Another week, another pound! That means I've lost 9 pounds so far on the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer! I'm working out quite a bit with my trainer. The kinds of workouts we do build muscle, which weigh more and result in me losing my weight slower rather than the pounds melting off. And I'm very okay with that. It's like I've said from the beginning, when the pounds come off slowly, but surely, research has shown that they stay off. I'm very happy that my focus is on making myself healthier & I have Woman's Day Magazine, Joy Bauer & my trainer to thank for that. Here are some of the Facebook statuses & Tweets I posted this week:

--"Just got home from a killer workout with my trainer. And I mean that literally...it almost killed me, lol! But I made it through it & I know it's for the best. In fact, my clothes are already getting baggier & my midsection is already slimming down. I'm putting in the hard work!"

--"I had another fabulous workout with my trainer this morning after work. I told you yesterday that my midsection is slimming down. Well 2day I noticed that my butt is no longer jiggly! That's right, I was feeling on my own booty, lol! And it's now firm & getting more shapely by the week. Watch out Beyonce!"

--"I'm seriously sore all over from my workouts this week. My trainer's advice for when every part of my body is sore? Go for a walk! Lol, great...more exercise!"


Pounds lost so far: 9 pounds

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Wow, it's 5pm on Monday and I'm just now waking up for the day. Actually, I still feel extremely exhausted & I'm not quite sure why. I didn't workout with the trainer this morning, which is what normally makes me feel exhausted & sleep all day. I have to say that I feel a little concerned on the one hand as to why I'm so lethargic today. Then on the other hand, I feel happy that I slept so long today. Problem with that is that I didn't get a thing accomplished but sleep. I had originally intended to take my eating back to Step 1 of the WD Slimdown starting today, but I've decide to wait until next week for that. I've only eaten once today & that was a salad. I probably won't be getting any exercising done since I'm so exhausted. Not to worry though, I workout with my trainer tomorrow morning after work & I'm sure he'll more than make up for the fact that I didn't exercise today!

Gosh, I know it sounds ridiculous since I just woke up, but I think I'm gonna go back to bed for a few hours before work...that's just how tired I still feel. Hmm. Alright, I'll check back in with ya on Friday to let you know how I'm doing on the Slimdown, how much exercise I've done this week, how many pounds I've lost & to let you know how I'm feeling. I'll also have my trainer take my measurements so that I can keep you posted on how many inches I'm losing...the inches really matter too! I hope you have a wonderful week.


Pounds lost so far: 8 pounds



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Good news, I've lost another 1.3 pounds on the Woman's Day Magazine Slimdown with Joy Bauer! That brings my total weight loss to 8 pounds so far! We'll be on the WD Slimdown until January 1st. There's no way I can predict exactly how much weight I'll lose by then, but I know that I'll be able to see & feel a huge difference in myself by then. One event that I'm looking forward to is Z100's Jingle Ball 2010 at Madison Square Garden here in New York City. I've been an Air-Personality at Z100 New York for 9 years now & Z100's Jingle Ball is always THE highlight of my work year EVERY year! Music is my life, so to be able to attend our concert & see a diverse array of artists all on one stage performing their biggest hits is really exciting for me! I'm hoping that by the time Z100's Jingle Ball 2010 rolls around in mid December, I'll be able to walk onstage at Madison Square Garden & reveal a whole new me to our Z100 listeners! Our listeners have seen my weight fluctuate so much over these last 9 years. I've gone from being in okay shape, to being in really good shape, to being way over my natural weight. So I'm sure the listeners are pulling for me & will be very happy to see me at a healthier weight. I can't wait to see their reactions!

To help me further achieve all my weight loss goals, I've been working out with my Trainer David Munoz at New York Health & Racquet Club. I took my FlipCam to the gym this week to talk to David about how he's helping me get into shape. To watch the video, click through to the next page!




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Me in West Village 1

That's a picture of me this past Saturday night. My friend Jenise took that picture when we were on our way to dinner in Manhattan. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, The Waverly Inn in the West Village, to celebrate Jenise's birthday. Purple's my favorite color, so I was happy to pair my black dress with purple heels & a purple handbag. I think I look pretty in the picture (mainly because several men that passed us kept telling us how pretty we looked), but one thing I'm not a fan of are my arms! They look a little better since I've been working out with my trainer. You know we can be our own worst critics. I'm trying not to be too critical of myself though because I'm working on improving by working out with my trainer & being on the WD Slimdown with Joy Bauer.

That said, I was a naughty girl Saturday night at dinner. I had 2 glasses of wine, crap cakes (at least they were really small), half a chicken pot pie (it had lots of veggies) & a piece of chocolate cake (no veggies there, lol). Now that I've had that indulgence, I'm back on track with the Slimdown this week. I know I keep mentioning my trainer, but I'm so excited to be working out with him twice a week. I really feel big improvements are coming with him. I'll be sure to take pictures during my workout session tomorrow so you can get to know him. I'll post them on this blog Friday. Btw, I forgot to tell you that I saw Janet Jackson at the restaurant! No kidding! As we were walking out, she was walking in. She looked fabulous with her super-short haircut and she was hanging on tight to her new, much younger boyfriend! So how was your weekend & what did you do?


Pounds lost so far: 6.7 pounds

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